literally on the brink of tears thinking about this, honestly

just imagine if it was illegal to do deliberately user-hostile shit

we would be in such a different place, even outside of computing


imagine if we didn't keep moving towards "you can only run software blessed by the creator of your hardware"

imagine if the creativity of home programmers in the 80s hadn't been mercilessly crushed in order to make Bill Fucking Gates more money

like there's a lot of historical shit that makes the world the shitty way it is, and that's awful

these are decisions made mostly by living people within my lifetime and they fucking continue to do so and YOU ALL KEEP WORKING WITH THEM


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@tindall hah, yeah, which I think is kind of ironic given that Gates' commercial start was in selling a BASIC interpreter.

and "you can only run software that is blessed by you or someone you have delegated trust to" is a good and useful thing, so I think it's especially unfortunate that the underlying tech is primarily used to lock people to Microsoft's whims.

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