it's sad Microsoft is doing good stuff in OSS right now, because they remain responsible for the evisceration of the promise of personal computing for profit and until they stop doubling down on that it's pretty fucked up to work with/for them

i know this is just me being back on my bullshit but like... y'all better go to the library and read some of the books on personal computing from the 80s

we used to think these things would be genuinely beneficial to humanity instead of just another way to suck money out of consumers

Microsoft executives made a series informed, deliberate decisions to repress the ability of users to actually own their computers, their software, and their digital lives, and continues to do so

i get that they're a good employer, they make a nice editor, whatever, but like

everything we hope for with personal computing could be real except that Microsoft (and Apple) keep deliberately killing any attempts to improve things, to preserve their market share

WSL, for instance, is a clear Embrace Extend Extinguish play and should be avoided

the point of desktop Linux isn't "Linux, on the desktop" but a FREE desktop

Plus they work with ICE, so, i don't really see how working with them is defensible at all tbh

@tindall also it's probably just another Embrace Extend Extinguish thing? that's what it feels like, anyway

@tindall we bought an 80s era "Computers Today" book at goodwill once for specifically that reason

@tindall I'm not even sure the claim they're doing "good stuff" in OSS is valid. They're doing stuff that's good for *them* in OSS, but not necessarily for the rest of the world.

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