i refuse to believe that people think starwar is serious

for fucks sake the big reveal in the best movie in the whole series is that one powerful space wizard is actually the son of another space wizard who is also an evil cyborg

like listen i love this stuff but like

don't come at me with fake fantasy physics about why hyperspace rams don't work or whatever

especially the new canon - they threw out the Legends stuff that actually started to give the Force and the wacky semi-newtonian physics some rules

there are _no rules_. it's world war two naval combat with wizards in space. honestly, heck off,

@tindall but it has that disclaimer at the beginning saying it’s a documentary tho?

@SelfsameSynonym @tindall Yeah, they also say in a Galaxy far far away, so how do we know it isn't real, did you see it happen, I sure didn't.

@Codeawayhaley @tindall and if it isn’t all real, how could the wookiepedia article on something as trivial as Vader’s armor be so detailed that it runs past 11,000 words

@tindall you're right and you should say it

— ​:blob_cat_peek:​​ Vik (They/them)

@tindall This! 100%!! Star Wars' charm is how silly it is sometimes. Imagine it without the janky dialogue and physics-defying stuff, it just wouldn't be Star Wars anymore. Some people are allergic to a bit of fun sighh

@tindall I only really like the original, which is a fun romp devoid of the self-importance that corrupted the following movies, and then The Last Jedi for puncturing the self-importance

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