I wish we could reset learned helplessness on computers

I am really good at explaining things like federation but a lot of people shut down the instant you mention any term they associate with "computer stuff"

If I explain federation in terms of mail boxes that don't work like real mail boxes they get it

If I explain federation in terms of computers sending messages to each other they tell me it's too hard to understand

They're not incapable of understanding the concept but our culture says they are

@tindall I have this exact gripe with maths. I know a musician who swears he's terrible at maths, but he understands musical scales intuitively and they're just logarithmic progressions.

I think it's the way these concepts are taught. Computing and maths aren't really poster children for open and inclusive subjects.

@tindall God, this is a mood

it's impossible to help my mom do anything on the computer because she's decided she doesn't know anything about it

It's like sports fans visiting each other's stadiums. They're welcome to do it if they want without asking permission, some just visit their own stadium, some travel all over, and some fans are no longer welcome at other stadiums. Some people just play in their own backyard and that's cool too. Fediverse is that, but with conversations instead of ballgames and no cost travel.

@tindall i feel like we are all in the grip of privacy nihilsm.

everybody feels so helpless and resigned to the fact that the corporations are exploiting our identity and dignity but there's nothing we can do.

people shut down when you try to explain better options because of that feeling of helplessness you describe.

@tootbrute @tindall And because if there are better options, then they might be put in the awkward position of either continuing to use the worse options while understanding better why they're bad, losing contact with large groups of people for reasons that the other people probably won't understand or believe, or having to convince everyone else?

@cynthianconspiracy yes! i already got my wife to switch to Signal. omg it was hard. now if i ever have to get her to switch to another one; i'll never hear the end of it.

@tindall I encounter that a lot in my IT work. I get a lot of compliments at creative metaphors to explain things, as likewise, using my racing background I can explain a concept in relation to an engine... to a non-mechanic... and they get it.

But explain it in fairly plain language that details it as a computer thing, too someone who’s had an office job using computers for 20 years... and yeah, they glaze over 😜🤓

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