honestly @bmt and the other olds on here should get together with those of us youngs who are fed up with the internet and secede


@tindall Which of the several dozen failed USENET 2's are you advocating here? 😀

I see a great need for a #FIDOnet/#Steampunk mashup. I've always thought that those several-times-a-day phone calls to get the latest FIDO messages would be like the multiple visits from the postman that occurred daily in Victorian England.

And pneumatic tubes. There must be pneumatic tubes.

@tindall #Steampunk. There. Just wanted to tag this thread with #Steampunk. Apparently the prev msg didn't do it, because some layer of Mastodonia doesn't recognize hashtags preceded immediately by a virgule. (Bug? or Canadian?)

@bmt @tindall It might not have detected it because /# can frequently be found in URLs.

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