Really interested in bringing back traditional web forums tbh

Wanna start a private phpBB

@tindall @SpankyWorks I was totally learning Rust so I could make "phpBB but in Rust". didn't get too far before other things came up though

@viv @SpankyWorks @tindall i spent a *lot* of time as a kid on phpBB and invision forums
@viv @SpankyWorks @tindall so this, if it ever exists, will be hells of nostalgic

@will @SpankyWorks @tindall @viv not rust-y so kinda off-topic but did y'all see the phpBB interface @puckipedia built on top of activitypub?

@will puck does some very cool stuff over there - Kroeg, her C# AP server, seems solid too (and backended that frontend I'm sure)

@djsundog @will

After a bit of investigation I think there is some name collision occurring; there's Puck's Kroeg which is Rust as well as @gcupc 's Kroeg which is C#.

@djsundog @tindall @will It's not a name collision! All Kroeg's are belong to @puckipedia. The one in my github is just a fork of an earlier version that I have not done anything with. Puck started it in C# and later moved to Rust.

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