It's interesting to me that the storage hierarchy keeps getting deeper and deeper.

It went from registers/ram/tapes to registers/cache/ram/disk/tapes to registers/many levels of cache/ram/disk/tapes to, now, many levels of registers/many levels of cache/ram/Optane/NVMe/SATA SSD/hard drive/tape

And it promises to just keep on getting deeper

This is specifically interesting to me because I now have, in my Thelio, an NVMe SSD, two SATA SSDs in RAID 1, and two SATA HDDs in RAID 1.

One reads at 3,000 MiB/s, one at 500 MiB/s, and one at around 100 MiB/s.

@tindall I guess it depends on whether memristor based architectures ever become a thing that consumers can use

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