I'm currently taking a Mobile Applications course which teaches dev and is waaaaaay all in on bullshit. I'd love some tips on how to make de-Googled apps; for instance, what APIs should I avoid to ensure that the app will work well under LineageOS and other such AOSP based systems?

Many thanks!

@tindall It's been a couple of years since I did Android but ISTR the delineation between Android APIs and Google ones is fairly clear. And you can easily create AVDs without Google APIs for testing.

I dont see there anything to be concern of while learning.
Right now, you will be learning to build apps rather than system, right?

Only I would say since you are starting, you would be taught on Android Studio (IDE). This is just product of Google,

You may consider to use #Eclipse or other #IDE with plugin and compile with #Gradle.

Android Studio stats it works better with Oracle JDK than OpenJDK, but I use later.

"API" with Android is term for Android Version and device functionality, I would say.

By the time, you are ready to build an app, avoid Google services to implement. ( depend on type of app)

For instance, if you want to use push message with app, avoid Google push message service and setup like Restful.

And I welcome you to Android app development


@noorul @tindall AFAIK there is no free SDK, though. The SDK is open source but the SDK binaries are not, and apparently nobody else has managed to build it from the sources yet? The Replicant guys recently noticed this and were quite worried.

Now, it gets me worrying too.

I didn't realise #Android #SDK is not #FLOSS. Damn!

Now what we going to do ? 😐

@js @tindall

@tindall I thought I saw something about microG ( that replaces a lot of the Google libraries for application development for something more open/less brothery.

@tindall Make webapps: html, css, javascript should do the trick.

@hiemstra to expand on this, the loss of efficiency and dependency on either Chrome's broken implementation of standards is not better than being slightly limited in my capabilities as a native app.

@tindall have a look at f-droid. That is the best place to distribute Google free apps. Good idea to follow their rules.

@tindall Firebase and Google GMS (Play Services)

the separation is thankfully pretty clear and you literally interact with an object called GoogleApi

AndroidX/Support Library is fine, it's included in your app

You could try to find out how other floss apps solve similar tasks.

This is simple:
Do NOT use Android Studio.

Instead, use the debian android tools:

You can also install Intellij IDEA.

As a result, you'll have an IDE without any proprietary stuff.

That is what I have installed. 100% satisfied.

@Billie @tindall (seroious question) does this change the compiled app in any way? Personally, I wouldn't mind Android Studio if the end result is all the same.

@tindall Man this is hard. So what is it you're looking to do?

There's things I think about:

* Notifications (Using SSE (Server Side Events), WebSockets, polling libraries)

* Authentication (scope-control using OAuth2 + token with refreshing)

* API wrapping - meh

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