Spent the last... 3? 4? hours re-organizing and re-themeing my site for 2019.

How do y'all like it?

@jalcine @Petra Thanks! I need to change some of the content (the ethics section is out of date a bit, some editing is needed) and then it'll go live on

@tindall That's absolutely lovely! I'm definitely going to use this as inspiration next time I tinker with my site!

@Zuph Oh! Thanks!

It's open source and (pretty) well commented; I'll push in once I'm done content edits.

@tindall Beautiful! My current hugo theme is a big giant mess of hacks that end up rendering mostly consistently :joy:

@Zuph Oh, you use Hugo? Mine's a Hugo site as well, so it should be nearly drop-in for you! Cool.

@tindall Ah, I just realized I hadn't updated my profile site! My current one ( is Hugo! With a big giant focus on noJS and tiny page sizes.

@Zuph a man after my own heart :P

I'll ping you when my new theme is uploaded.

@tindall feels soothing and trustworthy. The margin between the left and right columns seems a bit narrow though

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