OK, I'm going to sleep, but maybe y'all can help me with this.

I need a new computer, and have some money set aside for it. I'd really like to get a desktop and leave it on and internet-connected all the time.

Problem is, I don't control my Internet upstream at all, so I can't port forward SSH or anything. I do have a VPS on Linode at my disposal. Is there an effective, performant, and reliable way to SSH from my laptop to my desktop via my server, like a persistent tunnel of some kind?

@tindall so there’s the quick and dirty way involving a ssh client wrapped in a bash while loop, or the more complex to setup but more efficient and reliable way involving something like OpenVPN

something like tinc or ooenVPN should be able to do what you ask.

@tindall This is very much a "I can't help but I want to know the answer" situation

@tindall Just as a not that you probably thought before... you can use Tor to expose your services and that bypasses all the Nat and shit you could have because it's your server who starts the connection to the outside and sets up the vpn. So, there's no need to have an external vps.

If you don't like the Tor part, you can copy the philosophy in your own way. Install a VPN server in your vps and make your desktop connect to it, once that's done you should be able to access, right?

what about WireGuard. I hear it is the future of Linux VPNs.

@tindall sure. I have a persistent tunnel between my home machine and my vps. if others haven't already told you how I'll go and figure out what I did to set it up.

@tindall there's "elastic" SSH by way of Mosh: I use it a _lot_ for my servers

@tindall I'm not understanding why you want to bounce off your vps?

@Skryking Well, the new machine would be in my dorm room, plugged into the Ethernet jack there, which is on the wired VLAN for my building.

Most of the time, my laptop will be on WiFi or plugged into Ethernet in another building; hence, it'll be on another VLAN. The firewall doesn't permit devices to talk across VLANs all the time (e.g. buildings on the academic vs residential sides).

Also, sometimes, I'll be off campus.

I'd like the connection to still work.

@tindall sounds like a reason to setup a open on server on the vps and then use it to bounce from one to the other

@Skryking open on?

Software that can do this is exactly what I'm asking for here, so if you know any that's good I'll appreciate it.

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