"How i [sic] Choose Software" - A webshit rants about not being allowed to be sexist in the FreeBSD IRC. In the process, he explains exactly why he shouldn't be allowed in the FreeBSD IRC, then proceeds to bikeshed how to keep all the _other_ sexists out.

(note, style is a blatant ripoff of

Oh wow.

Props to the FreeBSD CoC for convincing this person to willingly remove themself from the community. Everybody wins.

@tindall it restricts this person's autonomy... to have to call people by their names and pronouns... in order to remain in an online group... lmaoooooo

it restricts trans people's autonomy to be forced into a gender role at birth and be misgendered by a whole society but that's none of my business *sips tea*

@tindall also the attitude of "of course I'm going to wield any oppressions possible against a marginalized person who i think isn't appropriately docile"... what a boring person

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