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i'll say this again so i can pin it:

if your software doesn't require a manual, it isn't software, and could be a regular document

if your software does real computational work that justifies its existence, it requires a manual

document. your. software.

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I am a / radical.

This is because I understand some things that many people do not, or do not want to. This isn’t because those people are stupid or purpousely ignorant; rather, my circumstances forced me to part with some of the comforts of predatory software, and it opened my eyes to the world that universal software freedom could create.

lmfao so has a column for "commercial use"

every single license in the repo permits it

y'all are wild

bam! reorganized a couple of files, no change in API or functionality, and i'm down from 630 to 550 LoC

honestly? top reason i want the pro from is so i can lie in bed for hours and code

hmm. i could make the vm execution async instead of making the user set a deadline

mmmmkay so there's no need for mlem and mlem_asm to be separate crates, and no need for mlem to include its own actual vm so

time to do some Restructuring

is it time to design a bytecode?

it's time to design a bytecode

my nextbit robin screen replacement is running late

fortunately, that's okay, because my college's mail center isn't even open

and i'm in Chicago anyway

the fear of aging is a capitalist conspiracy to terrify you into burn out so that you're too tired and in debt to fight the system send toot

Today, Seattle Proud Boy Zac Staggs attempted to infiltrate the #ClimateStrike march in black bloc gear, but was reportedly identified immediately under his mask and got beat up... at an event organized by high schoolers.

watching the looming storm as we pull into I-90

a flash of lightning in the passenger side window, a silence, then the crack-BOOM of thunder as we make the turn

i love the Midwest

back to using my Nextbit Robin with Lineage and it's pretty dope

HOWEVER the screen is still smashed

pinebook pro early units going out "in the next few days"!

Good morning. Happy international climate strike day. Remember: proprietary software is a climate issue!

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This is a well-written reflection of RMS's retirement I think should satisfy everyone:

But please don't respond by complaining about Medium.

P.S. If the retirement of one man is enough to weaken our movement, it doesn't deserve to exist. Let's not let this be the failure Stallman apparantly worries it is.

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"successful candidates will have [...] - Humility in recognizing that idealism/optimism may really be ignorance/arrogance"

ahahahah nope that's not a job i'm applying for

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