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Listen, folks. If you are on or any other "free speech" instance, you need to not be. Stop trying to follow me.

Alright hivemind. As I mentioned, my father passed away last week. Thankfully I was able to pull the majority of his files off the drive, unencrypted.

What tools exist, preferably on Linux, for organizing, categorizing, and compiling heterogeneous data?

I will not be available much online as I will be spending this time with my family.

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It's still hard to believe, but I learned on Friday that my wonderful father, Bruce, passed away earlier in the week. He was kind and funny and incredibly supportive throughout my transition, and I will miss him immensely.

Exciting progress on making #Gitea full-blown member of the #fediverse

With 5k Euro already available for #foss contributors, a grant application to get #funding is being prepared.

#NGI is a likely grant to apply for, stimulating cross-atlantic EU/US collaboration.

#Golang developers once again take note!

This is your opportunity to work on a great project and part of initiative driven by #fedeproxy that'll focus on federating even more code forges.

Looks like 90% of all tech writing today is either hagiography (VCs and CEOs as saints spouting divine commandments), kremlinology (here’s what I think Facebook/Google/Apple is doing), or catechisms (let us recite the laws of the land as dictated by our betters).

Are you interested in helping people get tested for hereditary cancers?

The company I work for is hiring USian software engineers experienced with and/or interested in Ruby on Rails, Rust, Elixir, Python, TypeScript+React, etc.

Job posting valid as of 23 July 2021:
Customer communications manager, healthcare IT company, based in Nashville but remote-first. DM me for details.

πŸŽ‰ Aaaaand released! πŸŽ‰

Big thanks to @pastelpunkbandit for making the original (which is rly good!!! and mentioned further up the thread)

Enjoy <3 :boost_ok:

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I'm looking for resources around trans folks and cancer risk, for a super secret project. Anything to do with breast or ovarian cancer, HNPCC/Lynch syndrome, prostate cancer, or anything else that has guidelines specific to trans people, hit me up!

there is no perfect creative workflow. the only good workflow is one that can be bent to the needs of the creator at a moment's notice.

Rideshare drivers are striking today, July 21st. Midnight to midnight

people are really out here just transparently saying that they think nobody uses free software for any reason other than ideology

This was previously achieved in America mostly by American socialism

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Congratulations to American capitalism for finally achieving what Soviet communism did in 1957: sending some dogs into space

buying new electronic devices with a similar commitment of what would be expected when adopting pets, and/or having kids (?)

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it's fine for people to like technology for purely aesthetic reasons and even to advocate for changes in tech policy for those same reasons but you need to recognize and acknowledge that those are the reasons yk

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