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Listen, folks. If you are on or any other "free speech" instance, you need to not be. Stop trying to follow me.

violence but ironic 

linkedin voice: Congratulate your friend Jamie Rose on her new role, Sr. Accessibility Engineer at Baby Killing Machines Inc.

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yayyyyyy congratulations on your new job where you make the destruction of artistic integrity accessible to the blind

at least now you'll be able to pay your rent

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i hate being me and working in tech because every time someone I know gets a job it's like 70/30 that they're working for an objectively evil megacorp and it's 80/20 that they're somehow marginalized and that the job will be a huge deal for them

aside from the obvious, for me, I'd imagine that being a violent petulant genocidal child would be less attractive than a misunderstood empathy who takes over the world via reddit

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huh. weird to think that people read enders game and identified with ender over valentine
"Algorithms to Live By had a good argument that got me to do this a lot less. Basically, saying you don't know is forcing the other person to use my brainpower, so what appears kind is actually foisting work on others."

This book was not very good. I'm going to try the Corum series.

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also: SSDs are expensive for backup. does anyone have experience backing up on tape, for a desktop system?

so, before i do something silly and time-consuming, i'd love to hear about y'all's experiences with xattrs on linux, macos, and/or bsd

the book in question, by the way, is "Gideon the Ninth" by Tamsyn Muir

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how to get nora to read a book 

have the first blurb say, in its entirety:

"Lesbian necromancers explore a haunted gothic palace in space!"

It's just another way for a billionaire to exploit poor people. It's just in this case he's also screwing over literally everyone at the same time.

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It ticks me off so much when people say shit like "Starlink is good actually because it'll bring internet to isolated communities which have suffered chronic underinvestment"

Like yeah. But it won't solve the chronic underinvestment. Which, btw, Musk could at least partly do _singlehandedly_.

Black incarcerated youth in need of commissary for clothing/food. They are being solely supported by their partner who requires funds for themselves, court fees/lawyer, and transportation. pls share and Don8!
Cshpp: $dagoattt300

lol @ the us military building 3 stealth ships for 8 billion dollars and then never arming them because one load of ammunition would have cost an extra billion

Pro tip: if you are in the United States Air Force and proud of it, and you interact with one of my posts, I will block you on sight. I had enough of that shit in JROTC and I'm sure it only gets worse as you get older.

The recent update to the Nebula (the streaming service) native app made it actually usable. Now is a good time to check it out; the content is great but the app used to be kinda garbage.

there's a middle ground between "Linux as a personality" and " it doesn't matter at all who controls the future of computing". be careful not to react against one so hard that you slide right into the other.

I'd rather have something that mostly works all the time than something that works perfectly until it doesn't.

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