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128 bit integers were added to Rust, so my program that counts how often the Rust compiler has saved my ass, can be implemented without the value overflowing.

Chelsea Manning calling in her new video statement to #AbolishICE, and to change the #prison system as a whole.

'they imprison the poor and the volunerable'


'together we can do better - together we can win - together we can #AbolishICE #WeGotThis #OccupyICE

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Apparently some ISPs decided @SDF was "dark web" and blocked it. How long until @tildetown gets the same thing? Your mastodon instance? Netflix?

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@maloki just in case this hasn’t found its way to you yet: gary bernhardt using a linus email as an example on how not to be a jerk in open source: destroyallsoftware.com/blog/20

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ok hey yall one of my all time favourite puzzle games dissembler is 99 cents on itch io rn. thatll get you the game on windows, mac, linux and android. 100% worth it yall ianmaclarty.itch.io/dissembler

Any enbies in the Boston area interested in talking on the radio about genders on IDs, DM me! Boost for exposure!

"Patriotism taken too far is fanaticism." Captain freaking America, ladies and gentlemen.

Join the call for (US) national mobilization against ICE & children in concentration camps on June 30.
Thank you NDWA!

We already know that automated content filters don't work. They put absolute power over content in the hands of a system that is opaque and broken.

A couple of days ago YouTube took down all of the Blender Foundation's videos from the Blender Foundation's channel due to a copyright claim by... the Blender Foundation.

The BF is an official YT partner, but days later they still cannot get a straight answer from YT about what is going on:



The further irony is that Blender Foundation's videos were all licensed under Creative Commons, so BF had already given permission for anyone to share their videos anywhere.

BF have no idea why YouTube decided to suddenly take the videos down, or why YT refuses to fix the problem even though they know about it.

The #EuropeanParliament is voting on 20th June on changes to the #CopyrightDirective.

#Article13 would mean automated content filters (like YouTube uses) on all sites. Large corporations would be able to censor and spy on all internet content, because they would be running the filters on behalf of smaller sites:


Call/email your MEP *today* to say no to Article 13, especially if they're on this list of committee members:



Trans dads & NB parents, I see and appreciate you today

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It would be cool to have stickers/patches/tees advertising "the strong set" as a concept more

It would be a great conversation starter about encryption, too.

"What's the strong set?"
"Well, there are about 60000 [1] people in the world who can communicate securely and reliably with each other over the internet, and I'm one of them!"

1: pgp.cs.uu.nl/plot/