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radicals win when we're the people our communities come to for help

our politics must be the politics of love and care and hard work for our communities not only because that's what we believe but because that's how we win

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i'll say this again so i can pin it:

if your software doesn't require a manual, it isn't software, and could be a regular document

if your software does real computational work that justifies its existence, it requires a manual

document. your. software.

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I am a / radical.

This is because I understand some things that many people do not, or do not want to. This isn’t because those people are stupid or purpousely ignorant; rather, my circumstances forced me to part with some of the comforts of predatory software, and it opened my eyes to the world that universal software freedom could create.

i cannot overstate to you how good things could be, and how bad they are.

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in the alternate socialist present we use wood-etching to create handmade circuit boards. when you get right down to it, software can be very simple, and much of its burden can be offloaded to physical mechanisms. relying too much on software creates unmaintainable arcana; the creation of software is thus inseparable from the institutions that train people in the production of technical equipment. an absence of those institutions, or their capture by hostile parties, makes software bad.

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Someone hire me. This is not a bit. If you or someone you know is looking for a DevOps engineer / Programmer / Security Professional, I have a degree and a year of real life work experience. I need a job desperately rn so if you have any work please send it my way

time to put on some In Love With A Ghost and finish putting away this stuff from the luggage

if all i accomplish today is building things and unpacking i can at least do a good job of it

This study was so well done. Great controls, study size of *100,000*.

Any additional studies focusing on HCQ for covid19 should be stopped immediately for ethical reasons.

"The mortality in the control group was 9.3%. The mortality in the chloroquine group was 16.4%. The mortality in the chloroquine plus macrolide group was 22.2%. The mortality in the hydroxychloroquine group was 18%. And the mortality in the hydroxychloroquine plus macrolide group was 23.8%."

like. i love music and i'm excited to move beyond a few faltering steps into making it

but am i going to buy/build a whole-ass other computer to use software for it? absolutely not

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somebody: look at this amazing deal on music software

me: *cries in linux-using music hobbyist*

I have two Raspberry Pi 2B's. What should I do with them?

a project for another time: figuring out the logistics of loading files in a cross-platform way in VCVRack plugins, and how to link MicroPython as a library, so that I can port the Big Honking Button and Sol to VCVRack

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spending this evening thinking of things to do with the Winterbloom Sol

pink white and blue keycaps have been reapplied to my keychron

Argh, is "i18n" and "l10n" only a thing because of twitter's short character limit? I hate tech.

Hi digital musicians. How do you organize your projects?

propaganda poster 

i might just buy a copy of renoise, the demo of which i've been really enjoying, and challenge myself to produce an EP with just that and open source software

and then if I remain fed up with software controls I'll buy some hardware

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i'm unreasonably close to ordering a 60HP case and some mutable instruments modules

it's all in my eBay cart but oh dear that is one expensive instrument

maybe i should just pick up the guitar or something

is there anything more satisfying than fixing a weird TCP bug

i doubt it

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