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I think it's worth mentioning that I'm not interested in entertaining transphobia at any level. If you come around here "just asking questions" about whether or not trans people should be allowed to exist, I'm not going to engage.

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Bruce Tindall

The stars flew up so long ago
no one remembers what they are.
Their children, left behind in the woods,
come out only to the edge,
only in summer, as tentative
as field mice after an owl-fright.
"Come back for us," they flash, pale green
and cold; bright white and blue and cold
the stars twinkle in the old speech
no one remembers, and set and rise
but never return, as if they couldn't.

completely unrelated to us posting our thoughts on lyric videos the day before yesterday, MUNA put out a new single today with an official visualizer video

it's a pretty rad song - very MUNA

- 🎒 🎧

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bandcamp link, boosts+++ 

in early 2021 i privated most of my catalog as evirate in a fit of deranged self loathing. however, ive recently come to the decision that these pieces deserve more than to just rot away in obscurity, and so i've put all my shorter works from 2019-2021 (plus a few never-released tracks!) into a single compilation. almost 2 and a half hours of material total.
with all the love in the world, i hope you enjoy 🖤

audio kranch module. put a signal into the input and it kranches it (amount of kranch is voltage controlled of course) before sending it to the output

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Update: I figured it out. The phase rotator puts the signal through several stages of very short delays, mixing it back with the dry signal each time, which leads to interference at particular frequencies but not others. Cool!

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"Finished Product" except that I _do_ want to swap out Maths for Veils and Warps, because Warps is gorgeous and I definitely need more mixing.

Heck, I had a two-Veils "mixer core" in my previous rack and it was like 20% smaller than this.

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I will freely admit that I don't really understand how the phase rotator works :/

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i had to fuckin, remove a screw and bracket from the right-hand side of the rack to actually fit all my modules. great and amazing lmao

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Sure, your lofi hiphop beats are aesthetic, but are they "listening to the Hardspace Shipbreaker soundtrack recorded onto a microcassette through the 2-inch speaker in a Radio Shack 14-1059 tied to a metal pole while you code on a mechanical keyboard" aesthetic?

My favorite part of Thunderbolt 3 is when my TB3 dock can't do USB3 correctly so my DAC misses samples at random and my keyboard misses one in five key events (including releases lol)

Update with all viable info.


I'm running from a roommate who turned dangerous in the last 48 hours. I found a place, but it will be $800 to move in. They've thankfully prorated the rent and everything. But, you know, security deposits.

Idk if I'm gonna get my security back from my current living situation, because, you know.

Please help if you can! Ive already gotten some help and I'm so grateful!


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... huh. some simple arithmetic says that this instrument has around 154 billion distinct modes, prior to patching, and disregarding the many althernate firmwares that are available

that's pretty fucking wild

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does anybody want to start a thread for cute forums/mailing lists? could be nice :vort_love:

The best part of Eurorack is that it teaches you just how wacky things can get with two filters and an oscillator - which is fundamentally a necessary intuition if you're going to do any kind of analog electronics.

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