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i'll say this again so i can pin it:

if your software doesn't require a manual, it isn't software, and could be a regular document

if your software does real computational work that justifies its existence, it requires a manual

document. your. software.

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I am a / radical.

This is because I understand some things that many people do not, or do not want to. This isn’t because those people are stupid or purpousely ignorant; rather, my circumstances forced me to part with some of the comforts of predatory software, and it opened my eyes to the world that universal software freedom could create.

oneliners are fun. See every file opening event on your system, excluding filesystem APIs used by e.g. power daemons

bpftrace -e 'kprobe:do_sys_open { printf("%s open: %s\n", comm, str(arg1)); }' | grep -v "proc\|sys\/"



bro i dont know what the fuck you're talking about but you're so goddamn pretty when you do it

this was kind of an inordinate amount of time to spend on implementing a camera system, but it worked!

the gif isn't very smooth, but the actual rendered animation is!

currently having a lot of fun with the framework

compile times are kinda brutal but the end result is a lot smoother than e.g. Processing generally gives me

Are you in the US and have been prescribed stimulants (e.g. for ADHD or autoimmune stuff)? FDA is seeking public comments (deadline 11/19), here’s a commenting guide from a friend who’s a disabled lawyer fighting all the crap that makes it harder to get the right medications. Please read and consider commenting, even if you’re not going these messages atm, or perhaps a dependent or family member needs them. please boost, literally lives at stake here

Neonazi Jack suspended The Jewish Worker for sharing this link to warn you of Atom Waffle members in your area. Now I will pin this link to my profile so you can find Atom Waffle members that are threatening your life by not being shot in the head.

Find Local Atom Waffle Members here, select user and enter the city you wish to search:

trans feels, looking back (+) 

interestingly, the HackRF picks up a ton of RF from the Pinebook Pro around 100 MHz

we know its from the PBP because when we put the enclosures in contact the noise all but disappears

so, if i spawn 10,000 threads from the main thread, summing from 0 to 10,000 in an Arc<Mutex<u128>> takes about 400ms, but spawning 20,000 (spawn from main, then spawn from the spawned thread) takes 850ms.

does anyone have a good source on how expensive it is to spawn threads on a modern linux system? i'm not able to consistently get above a 0.1ms time different between spawning and not spawning

the dbg!() macro in is quite cool. It prints out the line number, syntax you give it, and the value when it's run; for instance

for i in 0..10 {
dbg!(i + 1);

will print:

[] i + 1 = 1
[] i + 1 = 2

the SCP wiki community is hostile to pluralfolk 

It's frustrating when young people are so conservative about techniques. The school system often pushes a certain kind of conformity and from the other side the job market often instills the idea that one needs to have "skills" that can be reduced to standardized techniques. For me that means that a lot of 19-year-olds think I'm a crazy heretic when I suggest that you can make a compelling image without using a particular product from the Adobe Corporation.

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