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Listen, folks. If you are on or any other "free speech" instance, you need to not be. Stop trying to follow me.

what's your favorite incorrect or outmoded model of the cosmos?

this in re: VCVRack. The sole author and maintainer is a giant asshole to anyone who DARES to fork it, and a bunch of people Online are excusing that with "he has no obligation not to"

yeah. true. doesn't make it not an asshole move.

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If you want to make sure you have complete control over some software you write, that nobody makes their own version that competes with you or does things you don't like, that nobody else wants to add things to your project...

... don't license it GPL! 🤦‍♀️

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@tindall you should simply spread the conspiracy that pseudoscience in environmental groups is a targeted psyop to cripple them by boogeyman.

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@tindall I mean, you didn't mention the worst part, that that spectrum should never be used period:

It interferes with weather forecasting since it is too close to water signals we need. Frankly I'm disappointed in non-American countries for refusing to block the US from doing this.

things that are actually not bad about 5G:

- it doesn't boil your bones! it's not ionizing radiation! read a 10th grade physics textbook! aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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things that are bad about many 5G rollouts:

- because range is short, it requires use of a LOT of land, some by eminent domain (womp womp)
- that spectrum could be WAY better used for other stuff
- it's a totally pointless technology

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today I have a third Raspberry Pi 3b coming in, along with three very high speed uSD cards - one for the Pi, one for the Tracker, and one for the Nintendo Switch :3

y'all! Julia Evans ( is really neat and she made all her comics available online recently! they're very educational and you should check them out if you like to do the computering

when i was in the fledgeling XR group in san diego (yeah, I know) i brought up that the 5G rollout was going to destroy a lot of fairly old trees in the area and INSTANTLY got a bunch of "yeah and the EVIL DEATH RAYS" back from these 40 yr olds

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i hate that there's so much pseudoscience permeating environmental groups. it makes things much harder, especially when opposing genuinely bad things that are also steeped in garbage

all I'm saying is, stop chasing graphical fidelity, games look fine. you don't need to bankrupt yourself over pixels.

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I used to have a GTX480 in my main gaming PC - in fact, my mother still uses that PC as her main work computer! It's a reliable beast.

Now, I have a GT1030 in my main gaming PC, and my other desktop has an RTX580 literally only for VR.

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anyway i'll return to my regularly scheduled bookposting soon

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but you know what's worse than that?? you know what?? fucking HARDWARE as a service. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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i work on and understand the utility of B2B SaaS. however. SaaS for consumer products is deeply, fundamentally bad and we're never going to escape from it and it's so _fucking_ depressing

"it would be better if [company] couldn't force you to use [product] if you want [unrelated product]"

"but i like [product]!"

yes. fine. i get it. fuck you

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how can we imagine making the world a better place through struggle when people aren't even willing to concede that a slightly better world could _possibly_ exist _even for them_

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