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Noted Radical, Tindall

Probably one of the saddest parts of leaving birdsite was that I’d spent a pretty decent amount of time trying to add and follow a lot more women in tech, and I miss hearing from them.

Help me balance my follows out and suggest some awesome #WomenInTech to follow (cis/trans, it’s all good). Boost this, maybe even reply with yourself, maybe we can get a good list of voices.

I am listening to

The note says they'll no longer be posting on . I wonder if they are on anywhere?

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i live in a constant cyber party. I dont do β€œjokes” these are all high packet uploads into the comedy mainframe, kizuna ai and hatsune miku are here and they are my daughters. I made them cyber grilled cheeses this morning

About to go up in a hot air balloon!

Jack: I can't kick off the Nazis because shareholders demand I maximize their value


Sunday morning is the perfect time to sit down and read some essays by the fediverse's very own @enkiv2

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It remained empty.

But now I am home!

They're closing the doors on my flight from MSP to SAN and my whole row is empty except for me...

"β€œWe need to go back to our roots and start building protocols again. This change will never come from a large company. It has to rely on an open tinkerer culture. We need well-defined protocols and multiple implementations of these. Protocol design is quickly becoming a lost art. Rather, people are satiated with β€œAPIs” to the point where they can’t recover."

(that's quoted from a quote inside the article)

leave abusers and shitheads at the door, but when it comes to comrades, be patient with each other and make the implicit explicit. we're not going to build better spaces and a better society if we're so focused on being anti status quo that we forget to work together and treat comrades with kindness.

Tell all your friends. I'm teaching a free, trans-centered, programming class in NYC in a few days. with and

"but how do I build my brand?"
you do not have to build your brand
you are free

stop caring so much about yourselves. learn some fucking humility. think before you speak. be sincere and respectful with others. always assume good faith until proven wrong. use your words as a tool to communicate, not as a cudgel to beat others with.

nobody should ever be self-satisfied. nobody should ever feel complete. without humility, without a goal to strive for, we stagnate as people and become toxic to others.

wow! it's a good day to be lesbian

Big life update!

TL;DR I'm no longer working full time, so I'll be posting a lot more content in the coming months. I'm also starting my junior year in college, and I redid my website:

It works much better with accessibility devices now, and is easier on the eyes. There's tons of great content there, go take a peek if you're into , , , , , , , / , or

Here's a fun little project I've been working on :)

Limonada is a sprite editor with a UI inspired by old versions of Paint. It's currently in an early alpha stage but is already usable (pen, line, floodfill!)

My plan is that it will eventually be an alternative to proprietary solutions, as well as being a good cross-platform choice for sprite editing.

Get it here (you'll need to build from source, or pm me for a binary):

#art #gamedev #indiegame #creativetoots