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I am a / radical.

This is because I understand some things that many people do not, or do not want to. This isnโ€™t because those people are stupid or purpousely ignorant; rather, my circumstances forced me to part with some of the comforts of predatory software, and it opened my eyes to the world that universal software freedom could create.

I've now spent 25 hours in the last 3 days teaching the other students in my class how to do the problems on this sample exam

The exam is in 45 minutes and Darrah is currently revising a question because he hadn't worked it and it took him over an hour when someone asked him about it

I'm truly worried that I might fail this class...

Wrote my first final of the semester today, it went ok

Off to study for the Hell Class

Janelle Monรกe's work reminds us that we don't need to be tied to one vision of the future: We can create worlds that help us process current hierarchies and others that try to break out of those structures.

Itโ€™s weird the space of non-possibility one feels with even the most open of straight people

if you can't practice out of discipline, do it out of spite

Facebook has patented technology that predicts who else lives in your household based on photos you shared. Maybe you should be keeping them to yourself...

discord combines all the stuff I hate about technology:
- javascript
- electron
- proprietary
- unreliable
- spyware
- bloat

it's like someone designed this to fuck me up as much as possible

Mastodon is like the internet if the internet was run by people who thought the internet was a mistake

@ajroach42 @emsenn Point being, the web will *always* be slow, because people only optimize until it runs tolerably fast on their own machine, or at best when they think it's not slow enough that they're losing an appreciable fraction of their audience.

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Interesting that with a large fanout the levels of a B+ tree basically map directly to storage hierarchies.

If you want to get clever you can even have a variable fanout; start at 16 and use the AVX512 registers to hold the first level.
L1 points to 16 64-pointer indices at L2, which points to 1024 128-pointer indices at L3 so both easily fit in processor cache.

Finally, you get to 131k 256-pointer indices at L4, which fits in RAM easily. And after that you hit disk.

"Hark, all ye in beds and bowers; Pan has come another time โ€“
Ruling with a rod of flowers, giving us the bliss sublime.
Freyr and Freya now shall guide us, Venus be our counselor.
Listen warriors of the Old Gods, as the Wild Huntโ€™s horn does sound.
All their works shall fall before us, and the evil ones be bound.
Raise the shield of bright Athena, swing the hammer of great Thor."

What I would really like to see is more integration between terminal emulator and the shell (and commands you run in it). Currently in Fedora/GNOME the shell prompt is set up to make the terminal notify you (with a native GUI notification) about long running commands completing. That's cool, but we could go so much further.

For one, the shell could let the terminal know the current directory, hostname, username, git branch, current command, last command status, etc. etc.

"I don't want productive teams, I want effective teams. Effective teams solve gnarly problems with little software. If you can solve gnarly problems with no software, you win at software."

Patterns of Effective Teams


I want to promote something a fellow Netizen does.

@Cryoclaire has a wonderful comic:

and some amazing designs available at:

I personally love her work, and would advise you to go take a look...

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