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I don’t even trust websites to talk to my computer, but sure why not have low-level access to this USB device from 2005, fuck it

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WebUSB is kind of neat I guess but there are some things that just ought to be kept sacred and done from a weird terminal program, like having my minidisc player’s firmware exploited so it can pipe raw ATRAC data back to the computer 😅

So thankful to see @waypoint Radio put up an ad-free feed for Waypoint+; Acast’s Canadian/Australian ad inventory is *so* irritating and their “Acast recommends” house ads are even worse and completely irrelevant.

trackday with @slimefiend and @Renegal - I managed a lap in under 50 seconds this time!

hey is there a trustworthy project out there to run web pages with flash player enabled post-shutdown? macOS builds strongly preferred

YES I should’ve sprung for the 2TB option, YES I regret it, NO I am not going to fix it imminently, it’s fine

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look I just don’t think Telegram has any right to be the one program on my computer which is constantly complaining I don’t have enough free space for it; you are a chat client, you little jerk, you chiefly send and receive text, 4GB should be plenty for you, shush

astounded by the powerful dudes rock energy emanating off this Macros Valle LP reissue I picked up yesterday

may we all have ourselves a seven drink summer

shoutout to the PS Vita’s automatic save data backups for rescuing me when I accidentally overwrote a save due to heat-based silliness

now maybe I’ll finally stop getting all those password reset emails

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holy shit someone just paid me CA$217 for a TF2 hat

sparing a thought for the hard-working pilots whose job it is to write Prop 65 warnings about sunlight in the sky over California every day

Is this the summer where I briefly get obsessed with carbonation? Signs point to to yes

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