thinking a lot about the fish and chips in deathloop

it is my humble opinion that if you’re designing avatars for your online platform you should have a committee of at least ten trans people from whom a unanimous vote of “this avatar editor allows me to achieve gender euphoria” must be reached before you may ship them

@noiob I’m more about telling my computer to “Stop”

do you reckon Valve will ever bother to fix the references to “start menu shortcuts” on the Mac Steam client? it’s been years now

tfw the order is updated with a tracking number and …it’s Purolator 😰

and also comparing a screenshot from a buggy and incomplete emulator to original hardware is never going to be a particularly fair comparison no matter the display

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I really don’t get the obsession with that CRT comparison account, a lot of the things it shows off look much worse because they aren’t optimised around the CRT medium they’re just otherwise-unaltered digitised photos, lmao

do you reckon they’re called “coco ichibanya” because they were founded by a cat?

kind of shocked at how hard it apparently is to find a mini ITX case which fits a 2.7-slot GPU and isn’t ugly, extremely wide, or $600

@vyr I mean both, they both had solid social features. And I do recall the blade UI having ads on pretty much every panel anyway, so? IDK

Oculus’ in particular is an incredible example of a company being so transparently focused on its own horrible data collection priorities that it can’t even get the fundamentals down, it’s much more invested in showing you “trends” and “friend activity” than your own

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the Oculus companion app for phones also lets you see your friends’ achievements in detail (with the exception that it won’t show you the details of any “secret” achievements, even if you yourself have them), but absolutely not your own lmao

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like for example you can’t view any details of achievements or leaderboards without *quitting the game* on Oculus, even from an achievement notification, who thought that was reasonable?

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some minor experience of the Oculus UI just has me reflecting on how no other game console UI has been as good as the Xbox 360’s

man beat saber on hard is really kind of hard, who’d have thought

“neutral milk” is easy, you simply leave the joystick centred and push either the “light milk” or “heavy milk” button, I hope that helps

@noiob @misty yeah unfortunately the cryptographically signed approach ours uses means it requires a *BIG* QR code which is currently not routinely scannable from Passbook due to the size it displays them at lmao

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