@QuestForTori I mean that is, distinctly, unusually innovative. Probably won’t make it outside the shores of Japan, but still.

Hey y'all the Hot Gamers Collective
…is gonna be doing a charity stream saturday, June 6 raising money for a bundle of 70+ bail funds and racial justice orgs.

I'm gonna be commentating on a Zelda: Link to the Past randomizer romhack race at 2 PM Eastern / 11 AM Pacific.

Donate tomorrow to any of these
or this Actblue bundle
and email your receipt to hotgamers4bernie@gmail.com and it will be counted in the event total.

A more salty take on the failure of open source/federated systems to create change 

you ask me why i'm being so quiet at the party. little do you know i've rigged all of your google alexas to play mac tonite at deafening volume when the clock strikes half past six babe

‘I can’t breathe!’ The final words of David Dungay, an indigenous Australian, 2015, as he was restrained by four officers. Black lives matter, all over the world. theconversation.com/i-cant-bre

still rotating a four-dimensional ball game in my mind’s eye

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@noiob they’re not altogether that weird. The position names, on the other hand…

Theory: cricket and baseball are simply two different three-dimensional projections of the same four-dimensional sport

@prophet_goddess I don’t even know a single thing about baseball but I still love those stories and the way Jon tells them. Even if I am often shocked at how many games are in a season.

Just learned that George Floyd was a part of the legendary group Screwed Up Click back in the 90s. Billboard’s got a good summary of his career and links to several of his songs. billboard.com/articles/columns

While we protest his horrific death at the hands of police brutality, I also want to learn about his life and celebrate it. Black lives matter, and his black life matters.

A coworker has put together a group of Canadian black and indigenous funds. I donated; please help support these communities too if you’re able. The five are:

Black Youth Helpline
Native Women’s Resource Center of Toronto
Nia Centre for the Arts
Black Health Alliance

just a note to the programmers on here: if your work involves ai, neural networks, or other expensive algorithms designed to replace human judgement, consider how much it's truly meant to be more equitable and/or efficient and whether it meets that goal. if it doesn't and you're just automating existing judgement at great expense, the purpose of including a neural network is to obfuscate culpability

this is not theoretical

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