if you asked me to guess how many colours were in this image I would not believe you when you told me it was *eight*

can researchers please stop lying about the provenance of email addresses they spam? this address has not been “public” on my GitHub profile without going to the effort of scraping repo metadata for several years now

I was just marvelling at what I thought *must* be cute onomatopoeia but then I looked it up and, somehow, apparently not? lmao

Americans: don’t forget to vote! you’ve gotta vote! vote vote vote! please, vote! register now to vote!

Me, an immigrant to Canada who is presently ineligible to vote either in her country of residence or her country of citizenship:

thinking of getting really into this particular line of “4D” trackballs

also in 1985 we thought the high-end computers of the future would look like contemporary high-end hi-fi equipment, and I sorely wish we had been more correct with this one

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Dirty Pair keep referencing the original Star Trek, is it any wonder TNG later referenced them right back? 😅

thinking about the decades of pain Microsoft set themselves up for by apparently thinking they could not possibly release something called “Xbox 2” when its competitor would be a “PlayStation 3” ign.com/articles/2016/07/25/xb

finally wrote a script to update and correct the metadata of Nintendo Switch captures imported to a macOS/iOS Photos library, I realise this has an audience of like two people but I’ll share it properly soon lmao ✌🏼 no more 8 January, 1970 Splatfest “memories”

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