TIL about the Nissan Bluebird Aussie, a car Nissan briefly sold in Japan in 1991 but which was manufactured Australia, where the hatchback model had been developed 🤔 (pictures from global.nissannews.com/en/herit) ripituc.blogspot.com/2020/08/n

discovered a fun bug in the Saints Row 3 remaster the other day

I recently learned about the Renault Avantime and this has been rattling around in my brain ever since and I think the only way to defeat it is to pass it on, sorry

I’ve found a post which would alleges that the GTA2 cover was redesigned, after lacklustre sales, to bring it in line with the first game visually; does anyone know of anything corroborating this? forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/40

Flipnic (Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., PlayStation 2, 2003)

my vax fully powered up as of yesterday ☺️💜 so I treated myself to my first hair cut and colour since 2019 😬 powerful…

newly added to wayback-classic.net: site maps! 🗺📍

follow a URL with an asterisk to get an index of URLs the Wayback Machine has which match, then filter further via URL and MIME type matches, no JS required

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DigitalOcean’s new website must have been developed specifically to take a new world record for the longest hamburger menu you have to traverse in order to find the buried sign in link

I put together a patch for AI: The Somnium Files on PC so if you play the game subtitled with Japanese voices the ending isn’t stuck with English voices!

I call it… AI Patch 😇 ticky.itch.io/ai-patch

made a few tweaks and tried it out on my real PS2 - good news, PAL mode doesn’t crash it! 😸

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got some very basic menuing set up, reading controllers is… sort of weird, it turns out!

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creating some very cursed software for the PlayStation®2 Computer Entertainment System

shoutout to the TextMate people for letting me update the name on my decade-old license you can’t even buy right now so I can use it on the PowerBook ☺️💜

managed to adapt the Toolbox “Hello World” from 1989’s Macintosh Programming Primer to work on a compiler from at least a decade later lmao ☺️

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