it’s ridiculous that there still don’t seem to be any compact USB-C hubs which go from one USB-C port to several USB-C ports and include power delivery passthrough 🤬

like it’s obscene I don’t care about any other feature if you made exactly this with two goddamn ports I would probably gladly pay a hundred bucks for it, it’s an ice water in hell situation

I already have USB-C cables and I like them, just sometimes you need an extra port! and I shouldn’t have to have a suite of USB-A cables just for that situation! we had solved this in 1997! why did we stop! i am just noticing how much my life currently lacks good usb hubs because since moving more towards usb c we just never found a good solution

@sadie my desktop display has three usb 3.2 type-c ports, I just want that but portable, why is this so much to ask??.

@ticky Been looking for exactly this too! The Anker 543 was the closest I could find, but it only supports PD up to 65W and only has one USB-C port in addition to a bunch of other stuff I don’t need.

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