enjoying the confluence of badly written code and privacy initiatives that has resulted in the server log analysis software I’m peeking at hits via reporting 14.34% of visitors are using Mac OS X 10.1 Puma, from 2001

• Safari 14 started following the Chromium “User-Agent Reduction” initiative, which means now it reports “Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7” no matter what architecture and OS version you’re using

• This code has a big list of strings it’s looking for to detect macOS versions; 10_15 is not in it (Debian packages a version from a whiiiile ago, naturally), so it falls through …to match 10_1 😂

@ticky .hg Hell. Fucking. Yes. Good step in the right direction.

@ticky the part that i'm maybe the most confused about these recent UA changes is, surely there's no live sites that depend on Mozilla/5.0 being in the string anymore?

@fennecs I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a few that have been running since the 90s and still have that check, but it doesn’t make sense in the modern world, no

@ticky my thought here is roughly that something that *requires* mozilla 5.0 is probably gonna break some way or another with modern browsers anyway, so putting it there probably doesn't even fulfill the original purpose anymore

@fennecs I mean I think it’s more likely to be something like “does this browser support frames” or such, so it’s almost certainly not really a good question now, but still

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