an alarming number of heterosexual couples out there who appear to have interpreted “wear a mask” as “women should wear a mask, as only they can transmit COVID-19,” which, are you folks alright? that’s not how it works at all

@ticky I don't think those couples realize that if one person in your household isn't wearing a mask even while the rest are? You're still at goddamn risk! >:(

@ticky fucking boggles my mind to see groups out and about in which there is a masking differential

Like.....y’all are just gonna go home and breathe the same fucking air

covid-19 risk factors 

@ticky Not to mention men are at much higher risk. To my knowledge, no study has yet come to any conclusion as to why, though one possibility:

'“The new coronavirus cannot enter cells without the help of the TMPRSS2 proteins on our lung cells,” Goldstein says. “Our analysis suggests that decreasing testosterone will lower TMPRSS2, interfere with viral entry, and reduce the severity or duration of COVID-19.”'

@ticky honestly I don't think sexism is the factor causing it here--I think the men are just trying to be more "macho" while the women are more sensible on average. So it just boils down to (literally) toxic masculinity.

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