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if you asked me to guess how many colours were in this image I would not believe you when you told me it was *eight*

@ticky that is some really really clever (and beautiful) use of dithering

@ticky I bet that image looked even more mindblowing on a CRT too, god. D: masteful usage of dithering to blend colours there, dang.

@Nine @ticky The thumbnail kind of does the blurring that CRT performed for our ancestors.

Tried to recreate a bit of blurring myself, not sure it works right.

Have you played many PC-88 games? I wonder if any of them have been translated.

@JordiGH @Nine the blurring isn’t even required, though; it holds up even on a high-quality modern LCD, which is partly why I scaled it up sharply (and the other part is so it doesn’t get too badly recompressed)

@ticky Btw, haha, took me a while to realise that the image was indexed when I was playing with it on the GNU image manipulation program. I was wondering why everything I was trying was giving me colours in apparent quantum jumps.

How exactly did you produce an indexed image, curious? I'm curious to know if some emulator already knows how to take screenshots quantised to the right colours.

@JordiGH this particular image was a gif sourced from MobyGames (i.e. indexed before I got to it), converted with imagemagick to PNG (as Mastodon freaks out about non-animated gifs). In any case, given the hardware it’s emulating caps out at 8 colours I wouldn’t be surprised if the emulators for the PC-88 output gifs.

@JordiGH @ticky dang that's actually worked surprisingly well.

if that blurring works with say a screenshot of Sonic 1's waterfalls in Green Hill Zone Act 2 where you can walk in front of them, then job's a good'un and the blurring works fine!

I'd say that one worked good!

@Nine @ticky I played a bit more with. A simple blur filter followed by a sharpening filter makes the thing almost look like it was naturally drawn with many colours.

@ticky it would look even better ween seen trough a CRT, with the more blurred pixels

@ticky the timeline-sized mastodon preview really helps the effect

also why am I only now learning that someone made a sequel to Jesus?!

@ticky dithering is one hell of a drug

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