(the experience of being the second user on the not-officially-supported Windows 10 game pass sharing paints game pass as a huge buggy piece of shit; many games will freak out if they have any sort of DLC object tied to features, even if the store will let you install them)

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(so forza horizon 4 works fine, as does sunset overdrive, but not any of the haloes (each game is functionally DLC for the base game, which contains no games itself) or, apparently, flight simulator 🤷🏻‍♀️)

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@ticky this is kind of like the hell i predicted but it is not how i thought it would manifest. this is absurdly avoidably bad

@binchicken word on the street is that discs do exist, exclusively in Europe, and that’s why “others” get a “Digital Ownership DLC” but yeah

@binchicken [smiling sweetly] You can play Microsoft Flight Simulator, or buy it to own.

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