so like silly question but if I have two large binary files which have a lot of common data in them, and I want to store just the base file and then any differences as efficiently as possible, is there a way I can do that?

ok bonus complication: can I do this in a way that I can transparently access the data of a snapshot as though it weren’t simply a diff?

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(it looks like MAYBE one could do some turducken nonsense and make a block-level deduplicated btrfs disk image, but it’s also not automatic, or simple, at all, hmm)

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@ticky patch utilities like bsdiff, xdelta, or bps should work

@ticky there are many variations on fusefs out there that may do similar things

@dch I’m not clear in the case of these large files on whether git is going to actually store diffs here or just n versions separately?

@ticky at that point you'd need filesystem-level fuckery

@vikxin oh totally, absolutely, but I thought this was (in part) what btrfs was for, but that’ll learn me lmao

@ticky I can't speak for btrfs, but something sort of similar can be done on zfs. Though it's a little different; you take snapshots of volumes, basically, and you can refer back to them. btrfs probably has something similar but I've never used it.

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