current status: recovering from a utility trashing my PlayStation®2’s hard drive, wish me luck

status update: it turns out that since I last did a full-disk image of my PlayStation®2’s hard drive, macOS’ Disk Utility has lost the ability to restore an image it doesn’t know all the filesystems of, lmfao

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I complain a lot about the slow rotting of macOS, but the fact that this fundamental utility was extremely solid for a full decade before just, becoming buggy and frustrating again for seemingly no good reason is, argh

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the good news is you ~can~ still use the command-line `hdiutil attach -nomount` option to get around this and turn the compressed disk image into a raw block device, so I’m not ~completely~ screwed because I can ask dd for help with that

…just ran the numbers folk’s and this cheap-ass SD card adapter I’ve got will make this full-disk restore take uhhh twelve hours, if I’d bought the good one it would be maybe two, oopsie

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@ticky wild that the forty year old unix utility still works but macOS is slowly unwinding, amirite

@obw I would much prefer not having to use the rusty jagged double bladed knife (also the handle is a knife) of disk utilities, but it can’t be helped

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