tickled by the concept that, due to the use of the rather oddball 512×288 resolution, the PAL version of Vib-Ribbon can only be displayed with correctly-shaped, integer scaled pixels in 4:3 at a minimum size of 1,536×1,152

anyway hi here’s (what would be if social media wasn’t going to recompress it as a mp4 video) 811 KB of Vibri saying “this is what happens when you make a mistake,” an eternal mood which for some reason is only online in shit quality

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and if you absolutely definitely need one hundred per cent compuserve gif fidelity
• here’s the original size with square pixels
• and this aspect-corrected one

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this is surprisingly difficult to get out of an emulator, I had to use mednafen with `-qtrecord [file] -psx.correct_aspect 0` to get unfiltered video, then ffmpeg with `-vf "crop=w=1024:h=1152:x=236,scale=512:288"` for the original pixels or 1536:1152 for the integer scale

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and finally I ran gifscicle at max optimisation and with a 2-colour palette to finish it off, which about halved the size from ffmpeg’s output, phew!

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@ticky That entire public gifs folder is a rollercoaster that I am so happy to ride.

@LaCrecerelle lmao thank you for not judging, it’s obviously been a while

@ticky Hey, 2014 Jessica was the Jessica I first met and realised was awesome. We may have all changed and grown, but I'd still hug the heck out of all of our past selves too!

@ticky That was a rollercoaster to read. Any suggestions on if someone wanted to do this too?

@ticky That' a fair response, haha. I must not have thought before I tooted, apparently. :P

@ticky I appreciate your dedication to bringing us Vibri GIFs *so much*
(that is, I appreciate it a lot, but I also appreciate how much you're giving us these GIFs)

@T045T it has always felt unjust to me how poorly represented her vertices are by low res tumblr uploads! So I decided I should do her justice 😅

@ticky Oh man this is just crying out for a vector monitor or some kinda wacky laser setup

@ifixcoinops @ticky The engine must be vector-based, right? Wonder if one could unleash ghidra or something on the game and get those raw vectors out... or maybe it's easier than that?

@T045T @ifixcoinops I’m not actually sure if it’s “truly” vector in the backend, I’m pretty sure it comes out as a series of weird shaped polygons which old PS1 emulators had some trouble with, would love a vectrex port lmao

@T045T @ifixcoinops I wonder if there exists a PS1 emulator that lets you read the list of polygons out of the display layer and then like, make an SVG animation out of it or something haha

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