Our PowerBook G4’s PRAM Battery seems to be pretty dead, just wondering if anyone knows of a place in Canada or North America that sells the appropriate LIR3032-VDY2 horizontal-mount lithium coin cell battery to replace the CGL3032?


(I have been able to find a place in the UK, but they apparently plan to post a lithium coin cell using £3 international Royal Mail so uhhhh????)

@ticky possibly you can make one from a more standard battery…

@mmu_man depends what you mean, like, I could hypothetically substitute a smaller diameter lithium-ion coin cell (those *are* somewhat more common) but I don’t have the means to safely solder tabs to a bare cell if that’s what you mean

@ticky it's spot-welded. It seems you can do a spot-welder with a car battery and some wires…

That's the kind of thing you could maybe find or do at your local hackerspace:

@ticky I did get two small batteries shipped like that once.

One of them arrived. :p

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