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hi does anyone have the ability to teach/know of good resources (i.e. *you* learned from it) for learning 3D model design for 3D printing?

@ticky and his youtube channel are pretty good for high-level stuff

@ticky Onshape has some pretty good tutorials, just not focused on 3D printing i wish i had a good answer for you but the way i learned 3d cad stuff was through engineering classes in school

@linear yeahhh, I mean, I did a technical drawing thing with some 2d/basic 3d CAD like, literally more than a decade ago, but I remember almost none of it and I don’t think it’s really applicable! heh yeah technical drawing doesn't really translate

i learned with autodesk inventor and cnc machines, which translates pretty well to e.g. tinkercad and 3d printers

also weirdly i feel like the skillset for quake mapping overlaps strongly

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