hi 👋🏼 today I got an ADHD diagnosis and I think I have to say I am now 100% confident that either you, or someone you know, probably needs to read this article:


the fact that I’ve had multiple people respond to this with “huh… I’m going to have to look into this” tells me sharing it again was worth it, we’re being failed by the structural ignorance of this, I’m sorry 💜

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@ticky Congrats! I got my ADHD diagnosis on February of this year, I think. It's an enlightening discovery knowing all your quirks can be explained, and you're not alone!

@avalos absolutely! I’m not sure if it was *the* article which inspired me to go look into it but it certainly made me go “oh, that’s, almost exactly how I am” so! Looking forward to making progress ☺️

@ticky I'm 99.9% sure I have ADHD (along with some flavor of autism) at this point, but damn, if the line "once you get going you do great work! you're just impossible to get going" didn't hit me like a ton of bricks

like I just look at all the artwork and backstory I dumped on my website over the course of *three weeks* after coming up with a new OC and...this! exactly this!!

@RustyRetro yep! I’m with you! I work in spurts of intense focus and capacity and then long stretches of being unable to focus on anything, so I’m hoping I can improve on that with treatment & strategies!

@ticky yes yes and yes

and someone "gifted" with adhd for many years I couldn't makes sense of being able to have good grades without studying while being unable to study, and just internalized a lot of my being lazy but clever

it's only recently when looking more into adhd and talking about it with a psychologist that I got on the path to get my diagnosis and it has helped tremendously ❤️

@furkachi yepppp! I had the same school experience. Burned up like debris entering the atmosphere in late high school. Plenty of “innate ability,” I just never managed to learn how to learn! Looking forward to working on treatment and such!

@ticky I very much hope it helps! I'm on the verge of starting too, and already CBT and organizing methods and such have helped some :3

@ticky currently unable to start thinking about how to debug this weird thing we have with network teaming on virtualization nodes so I felt that first example about cleaning the fence really hard

@ticky I've never read anything on ADHD that struck quite like the section in this about failed time and task management systems. I had systems back in college that worked well, although I did change them up quite a bit. And now, it's exactly as described: works for a few weeks or a month, something causes me to break from it, and then I just can't get back into it.

So throw me into the "I'm going to have to look into this" group now.

@noiob it’s so good, I really appreciate Gravis sharing it in such detail and with such delicacy.

@ticky I already know I’m an ADHDer, but otherwise I definitely would.

@ticky yeah, I'm lifelong ADD / ADHD, and I can relate a lot to what's being said in the article.

"Smart, but lazy" is an accurate description. I seem to alternate between intense, unrelenting focus, to staring off into space in a dissociated state. It's a pattern that has gone on for decades, and everyone around me will comment on some aspect of my intellect as well as my lack of motivation.

I struggle to finish things, and have many open ongoing projects spanning numerous mediums. I learn rapidly just by studying how something is done, and can pace for hours talking myself through the nuts and bolts of a problem. But I also constantly lose interest, shelve things, or sit at a blank screen with a blank mind. If I can get the momentum going, I'm unstoppable. I can go down a black hole and learn how to build web applications, operating systems, games, music, animations, or literature. I have dozens of hobbies and act as an information sponge.

I've had trouble with work as an adult because my mind wanders, and certain things fall behind deadlines. This often parallels the fact that everyone on my team will sing praises about how helpful and knowledgeable I am, as I go out of my way to assist everybody.

The self-valuation thing hits home for me, too. I typically regard myself as a failure, and have developed a feeling of perpetual helplessness. This often invokes depression and stress.

@ticky god i need to get treatment for this, thank you for posting something helpful

@ticky I self-diagnosed mild ADHD a few years ago and it's been a weight off my shoulders. Before I had correctly identified why I was dropping personal projects before completion, but I had no term for it. I've been way more forgiving with myself since, letting myself be driven by the relevant obsession as it showed up and faded, no matter how soon, as long as the important (hygiene, food, job) was taken care of.

So I relate to this article to some extent, thankfully it isn't as debilitating for me, but I'll happily share it for other people to get their own epiphany.

@ticky try to tag your articles #adhd #disorder next time to make them searchable.

@ticky I'd ask for an explanation but you already went down the stirs with the dirty glass.

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