genuinely cannot wait to find out if this absolute nonsense works

the ancient software that actually knows how to talk to this is, perhaps understandably, not sure what the beck a USB001 printer port is, so I think I need to find a way to make this act as LPT1 under Windows 2000 😹

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(it sounds like it might be possible if I “share” the “printer” on the network with a generic driver, then `net use LPT1:` it on the same machine?)

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@ticky of course it won't, the middle cable doesn't have any translucent blue parts

@ticky I

desperately want to know what this is and does

@ticky I mean I know it's a dreamcast controller with some custom SOMETHING in the VMU port

@aurynn so! that’s an EMS NEXUS 4 meg memory card, a 4-page memory card for the 🌀Dreamcast, with EMS’ PC link cable, connected to a bondi blue USB to parallel printer port adapter. Hypothetically this will allow a direct PC connection to mess with stuff on the memory card, with the one caveat that the 🌀Dreamcast must be on while you do this because it isn’t powered from Parallel 😂

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