today I discovered that because Microsoft thought the Zune “Z” device would become as iconic and obvious as Apple’s Apple, they left both their name *and the product name* off the Zune product line, so now there’s a small but consistent group of them listed on eBay as “Hello From Seattle” MP3 players

(here’s the rear of another Zune, this is all the external markings the device has, there’s nothing on the front, nothing on the sides, no battery compartment to hide anything further in)

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@ticky Well, that explains the "Hello From Seattle" line that I was missing.

@ticky I didn't know that was on the back of the Zune before.

@ticky granted, for me any player that can't run rockbox is inadequate, but i still don't understand what went wrong with the zune. like, it seems like a cool media player whose only problem was that it wasn't made by apple.

@devurandom @ticky I had a Zune, it was great. UI was way ahead of the ipod at the time, the FM tuner was nice, it looked cooler. People just hated it because in the mid 00's anything not Apple wasn't cool. I should dig it out if storage.

It would be better if they were branded 'Seattle Computer Products.' Full circle.

@ticky this is very cool. I really liked the Zune since I first listened to music with one. Sound quality was better than most iPods.

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