I really, strongly wish Mastodon would make a feature out of pinning your latest reading position in timelines, and allowing that to sync that between clients and the web UI. I have three devices and the fact that none of them know what I’ve already read honestly stinks.

Mastodon has no financial incentive to always show you the absolute latest posts to make room for ads, nor for an algorithmic timeline, so we should dream better!

“Tweet Marker” ( used to do this for Twitter (before their API became too hostile) and it was compatible with multiple great clients, across any device, with a simple API. It made keeping up with that site really nice, and I think it’s a feature worth considering for a social system we, the users, own! 💜

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@ticky this but for notifications, so I don't have to hear all my devices beeping one after the other

@ticky but, that lack of incentives gives us a rare social platform without web ads, who tapped our phone and constantly predicting our preference.

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