I have discovered where on the watch Apple are keeping all the smack talk. More as it develops.


I am now able to compare the watchOS Activity smack talk between Australian English and U.S. English, and, well, it’s all a bit strange.

Some of it is just sort of grammatical changes and different approaches to the same thing…

…but there’re a few Australianisms which will catch your friends off-guard when you tap them.

We apparently spell it “Yee-hah”, and “beast mode” has become “machine”.

...come to think of it we probably do need to clarify rather than just shout “Fire” so as to avoid panic. 😅

other little things:

• en_AU hashtags are lowercase, where en_US hashtags are all uppercase
• “Ooof” becomes “Erk”
• “Huzzah” is now “Good one”
• “Yeah you did!” is “You beauty!”
• “Miss the bus? 🚎” is “Miss the boat?⛴” ⁉️
• Marco Polo replaced with “Grouse!”

My favourites are “Now you’re showing off. 😉” becoming “You’ve got tickets on yourself. 😉” - a phrase I had literally never heard before, but which is apparently part of the Australian lexicon, meaning that you think too highly of yourself, and…

…“Who’d you draft behind? 🤣” becoming “You did a Bradbury. 🤣” - a reference to that one guy who in 2002 won Australia’s first ever gold medal at the Winter Olympics ozwords.org/?p=5912

oh and it was already in one of the prior images but “That’s the ticket. 🎟” being replaced with “That’s a ripsnorter.” is very good and will confuse lots of people. It’s not even valid in the built-in Apple spell check. Fantastic

so what’s changed in watchOS 6? I’m sorry to say there aren’t many for U.S. English; one phrase, “Wish I was you”, used in two places, was removed, with both instances being replaced with other existing messages

Australian English, on the other hand, is being entrusted with the words “dang” and “whatevs” which had previously been substituted, and some existing weird phrases have been tweaked. We’re also getting all-caps hashtags, and being permitted to say “damn” (the U.S. isn’t!)

Canadian English was lacking most of a strings file in watchOS 5, but it gets its own in 6! Including at least one very Canadian politeness tweak. Subtle, but it’s there. 😄

Canadian English would like to suggest that you have another competition, but U.S. English insists 😌

so, to be clear, as far as levels of rude in the watchOS activity app go:

🇦🇺: Damn
🇺🇸: Dang
🇨🇦: Darn

(for those playing along at home, these are in /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/WatchReplies.framework/*.lproj/Activity.strings as binary plists (you’ll want plutil to convert them to xml1 first), which I managed to extract using the tools here: newosxbook.com/articles/OTA5.h)

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