It’s weird seeing tech people complain “Android Queue is lifting the multitasking gestures straight from the iPhone!” when these features in fact originated in webOS on the Palm Prē way back in 2009, and came to the modern form in the Prē 2 in 2010 - bar indicator included!


it’s also important for me to remind you that in 2009 we hadn’t started putting front-facing cameras on phones yet so every model in the Prē series included a selfie mirror which slid out when the keyboard was extended

@ticky I've seen tiny fisheye mirrors next to phone cameras, but that's just next-level.

@ticky can I be pedantic and point out that Nokia phones had selfie cameras since at least 2006?

@ticky though the Pre wireless charging feature with the magnet was beyond awesome.

@qwazix IMO, “3G video call” cameras don’t really count, but that’s very subjective!

@ticky now I want to go check if you could actually take selfies with the N95 front camera

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