fun fact: the only known public dump of the data track of a Pioneer LaserActive game (Space Berserker for the Sega Mega LD) contains the word “fuck” at 0x25 for some reason

from what I’ve been able to glean, this is in the Mega CD’s “IP.BIN” metadata segment under the “device information” field so perhaps the Mega LD’s internal codename is the “SEGA fuck” (or perhaps someone was having a rough day when they mastered this game, or the dump is bad)

(it’s hard to tell, because, again, as far as I can ascertain no other dump of this or any other Mega LD game is known to exist!)

I sure wish the person who posted this had shared literally any part of their dumping technique! Imagine how many LaserActive games we might yet have preserved! This dump was posted in 2012!

I’m proud of you for not attempting to debunk this because my hex editor is in an “unsaved changes” state but I still feel the need to pre-emptively note that the reason for that is that I added a “bookmark” of the initial program data and this hex editor considers that “unsaved”

@ticky I would kill for dumps of the mega LD games plus an emulator to play them. Getting a working laseractive has always been a bit cost prohibitive for me

@ticky my favorite part that there's a space character.

not just fuck, "SEGA fuck"!

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