for some reason there’s a wiki of fictitious Windows releases and it’s an absolute fever dream

@ticky people stumble across this wiki from time to time acting surprised and every time all i can think is how adjacent i was to this community back when i got really into customizing windows xp when i was 13

@chr I’ve seen it a few times but this one I stumbled upon is just detailed enough that it’s like… wait, what?

@chr @ticky fond memories of "windows virus edition" mind

@ticky These are SO bizarre. I like how there are versions dated thousands of years into the future

@ticky my first thought was that it would be scp-like in that it's /really/ about telling stories with a unique format but as far as i can tell it's all just... totally plausible stuff that happens to be fictional

@ticky "we fed a bunch of windows release articles and reviews to a neural network, and it created this wiki"

@ticky what if i told you that there was a niche youtube community that made these too

@ticky and there are legitimately GOOD videos of these. not just shitty ones made in or anything

@sc I would be surprised, but not very much

@ticky this is the part of the internet that i want to live in forever

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