@ticky "Critical Alerts will be great for apps that meet Apple’s (thankfully) stringent requirements." … Maybe quote a whole passage and not just the parts that sound bad in isolation?

The actual article is about "focusing on utility and value" because there's better controls on turning down notifications, not "how to annoy people fastest".


@mdhughes maybe why would I click on their article when their own summary frames it as shittily as my screenshot?

@ticky WTF? They know perfectly well - just from the text they've quoted! - that those are absolutely *not* for marketing, and such a request would be laughed out of the room. And yet they dream..

@ticky these are extremely empathically absolutely fucking not for marketing, and I would not bet on that ever changing.

@millenomi I’d be incredibly surprised, and very disappointed, if they ever were used for that

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