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Bots I operate:

@museum_things: Random items in Museums Victoria’s collection

@gui_dreams: Dreaming of the GUIs of the future, by dredging up archived skins and themes from Customize․org

(fwiw I still don’t like Mastodon much but hey guess what it’s very much not because the posts aren’t all going off about fast food juxtaposed with silver platters)

the DD article on Mastodon:

• has a weirdly prescriptive take on the measure of social networks’ success

• appears to consider engaging in discussion of *U.S. politics specifically* important above basically all else

ok sure

shoutouts to my new mirrorless camera for using a standard, normal, proper, USB Micro-B port rather than that weird slightly-non-standard one I mostly expect of cameras

only could’ve been better if it was USB-C and thus no need for MDMI Micro but hey, give it a few years I guess

so where do the cool kids host nice photos these days

also talking about their investment properties not making enough money

hope you ladies didn’t order the avo toast then hey 💅🏼

were sat across from some boomer women at our fav cafe and they’re loudly trashing the service and talking about “well when I was a waitress I did better” because it’s taking too long for their tastes when there’s a completely packed out house lmao have some, any, patience, ffs

I feel like I have never gotten xargs to work as described

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I love this post, go read it all.

"you’re coming from another part of the internet/a completely different context where, when looking at how i and other (educated, intelligent) people in my age group speak online, you completely miss the nuances and brush it off as something to be mocked, because in the circles you’re a part of varied capitalization is interpreted as a sign of incompetence."

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free alternate universe shipping on orders over $50

wow what a cool competition I hope I win

it’s hard to see with the bounding box, but it has the curved corners these cases have modeled into it, and there’s as much texture space as possible reserved for the artwork area; the front, rear and side inlays all get 64 pixels of height to work with (whole texture is 128x128)

update from last night: my texture coordinates aren’t quite right, but!

PSA: Does your bank or other secure service use “Symantec VIP Access?” Might you change phones ever? Do you trust yourself more than you trust Symantec?

You can use this utility to set up a “VIP Access” token in your standard one time password generator:

The Horizontal Stand raises the PlayStation®2 system slightly and performs the important function of looking cool.

it looks like this only applies to products which format it with the closing quote (2.5” is changed, but 2.5 Inch or 2.5-inch are left alone), and it doesn’t apply to any televisions, so I’m assuming it’s an automatic transformation that certain item categories are opted out of

in an impressive display of completely failing to do any research into understanding cultures outside of your own, Amazon Australia apparently automatically converts `2.5”` to `6.4cm` in product titles, making searching for computer parts completely impossible

The PlayStation®2 system delivers more data-intensive games, so this extra capacity is invaluable.

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