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@museum_things: Random items in Museums Victoria’s collection

@gui_dreams: Dreaming of the GUIs of the future, by dredging up archived skins and themes from Customize․org

I can’t believe Shaun Micallef’s strategy of showing voters who albo is at the start of every episode of mad as hell this season paid off

when will someone port yeah yeah beebiss 1 to VRChat

anyone know if there’s such a thing as a USB line-in dongle? I just need basic stereo analogue audio in

society if the benchmark for a computing platform was “can it run Marathon” instead of “can it run Doom”

Should my PS Vita with its 4-digit passcode at best have access to my account recovery emails? Survey says probably not, tbh!

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I know I know “that’s a user” but, no, it’s not worth $20 a year, this is just for connecting old devices I don’t want to trust with read/write access to all my private mail ever

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find myself really wishing I could have a Fastmail app-specific password which grants access to a specific folder rather than all mailboxes

the PS Vita is not the *perfect* PSP, cameras don’t work in Adrenaline, and you can’t use GPS-enabled games with it, but it is *very* good, gets fantastic battery life, and the LCD3x filter adds that little extra bit of contrast to the doubled pixels which really makes it pop

I beg of you to have enough critical thought to follow the directions on the medical test rather than the directions given by a twitter rando, christ

plugin for the Vita which emulates UMD drive sounds

hello mutuals if you are on PSN and would like to see activities(?) about a friend newly touring the Vita library I am dracaticky on there

shoutout to Sony for still having this article up in 2022, my “Direct-View (standard)” CRT is now lovely and clean

I can’t believe MCR waited until the iPod was officially discontinued to release their first single in forever

…or I guess print one (1) business card for this purpose lmao

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I think I am going to need to establish some kind of for-public-use email address to give out which uses phonemes I can consistently convey lmao

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and even if we can work our way to getting that right in the “name” field, somehow people will still make the mistake in entering my email, even though my email address is literally just my name, which you’ve already entered and seen!

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without a doubt the hardest part of being an Australian in Canada (aside from the coffee, let’s not talk about it) is that Canadians will consistently think I am saying “R” when I say “O”, which makes spelling my name a messy job, even if I put on my best Canadian accent

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