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@museum_things: Random items in Museums Victoria’s collection

@gui_dreams: Dreaming of the GUIs of the future, by dredging up archived skins and themes from Customize․org

I’m not too familiar with the seven deadly sins but I’m pretty sure three of them are memoji, quicktake and slofie

today I drew the titular horrible untitled goose from the untitled goose game

today I drew the titular horrible untitled goose from the untitled goose game

getting unreasonably grumpy with dubtitles which gloss over things I can actually understand from the Japanese audio, oh dear

[very minor Untitled Goose Game spoilers; probably in the trailers tbh] gur jnl lbhe ubaxf ner zhssyrq ol bowrpgf va lbhe ornx, naq ol obggyrf va cnegvphyne, vf fb jbaqreshy, punezvat naq uvynevbhf gb zr, jung n jbaqreshy qrgnvy

(it’s not the exact same font but it’s close enough that I’d be shocked if it weren’t inspiration lmao)

EXCLUSIVE first leaked iPhone 12 feature: doesn’t get hot in the sun at the cafe or pub

Untitled Goose Game
a House House game

please honk if you get the chance, sound of the summer

laughed my whole ass off waking up to a 0% battery iPad and a half empty laptop with this

pro tip: do not go “ah my iPad Pro needs a little top-up” and plug your laptop and iPad into each other without plugging one into the wall; the iPad will seemingly charge, then stop charging to charge the laptop 🤦🏻‍♀️

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