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@museum_things: Random items in Museums Victoria’s collection

@gui_dreams: Dreaming of the GUIs of the future, by dredging up archived skins and themes from Customize․org

I have discovered tracks and discs may have both a JIS X0201 (半角, hankaku) title field and a Shift JIS (全角, zenkaku) title field, and that Japanese versions of SonicStage fully support setting both fields without clearing the other 🤷🏻‍♀️

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this mf (Sony Corporation) said “Carrying poach”

COVID-19/Coronavirus related, a bit negative 

every time I see the tanuki rocket at the end of eizouken it makes me grin lmao it’s so cute

r/legaladvice my landlord won't build an extension to add a bathroom is this hygenic?

unreasonably delighted by the perfectly realized toto washlet which just fell from the sky

“are flights across the international date line permitted in ‘no time travel all debts’ animal crossing new horizons?” longest thread in the history of speedrun dot com, locked by moderators after 42,069 pages of heated debate

me every time I watch a jon bois video: holy shit *how many* games are there in a baseball season, what the fuck???

I still can’t believe it’s 2020 and both Slack and Discord’s reaction pickers return no results if you type an emoji, which is one of the things you are in fact able to react with! 😬

as part of their corporate commitment to the environment, for every tree players cut down in animal crossing, Nintendo will cut down a tree in real life

so say you were comparing the relative performance of two or more Objective-C or Swift packages,

now is that podracing?

just want to give a shout out to all the dogs out there struggling to understand all this social distancing going on lately

remember, if you’re crossing island borders with more than 100,000 bells or the equivalent in native fruit stuffed in your pockets, you must declare it

the “ring voice” setting is unexpected but nice too, the “femenine” option has a great spunky voice and heaps of personality

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lovely set of quality of life improvements in today’s RingFit patch, they really get it

the “complete exercises” option is really really welcome, especially in that it gives you the choice of either all or just ones which switch sides!

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