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Bots I operate:

@museum_things: Random items in Museums Victoria’s collection

@gui_dreams: Dreaming of the GUIs of the future, by dredging up archived skins and themes from Customize․org

yeahhhh you could feel that population difference in the matchmaking huh, good times though!
Global Splatfest results: Team Chaos wins!

interesting how footage of this splatfest keeps tripping the Twitter adult content flag 🤔

team chaos eject the microsd card without turning the switch off first

team order are terrified of getting yelled at by the nintendo switch for doing that

(nintendo please allow longer clip recordings on the next switch)

three splats of one squid, two of another, and one more just for good measure 😇

I just realised two of those Splatoon clips from last night line up nearly perfectly for almost a full minute of me being a menace 😼

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