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Bots I operate:

@museum_things: Random items in Museums Victoria’s collection

@gui_dreams: Dreaming of the GUIs of the future, by dredging up archived skins and themes from Customize․org

there simply isn’t an excuse for this lmao please just make a web page

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puzzled by Valve deciding to update their “game news” pages to be an overlay requiring an RTX 2080 Super or better to render at more than 5fps

patch for polycule graph software to add support for showing your coronavirus bubble

I just want to solemnly swear that I will never work for a company which creates a button labeled “see less often” on an item the user didn’t ask to see

your MobyGames profile allows you to share your contact details for no fewer than three messaging services which have been completely offline for somewhere between two and seven years 😂

any Canadians have suggestions for places to buy random hobbyist electronics stuff like panel mount jacks or packs of resistors or the like which aren’t amazon or the big few multinationals?

wait wait wait hold on is THIS why the rear of PAL releases of Gran Turismo 2 make the claim that the game “smells real” ??? like it literally originally did????? (image from

I don’t really have anything interesting to say about their latest game but I think they should just make a sequel to Jak X next

Catalina is *so consistently awful* I might be tempted to update my work machine to Big Sur public beta 1 just for the chance it fixes this bullshit in a year-old production operating system

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it is extremely normal for preference panes to just have the search highlights rendered in the background, not sure why you would think this is weird

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incredibly disappointed, but not entirely surprised, that the JavaScript Proxy API doesn’t let you override the “in” operator with a non-boolean return value and do weird syntax hacks with it

given ongoing conditions we should just extend pride month by another four weeks. hot dog/ice cream month can wait

we made a pizza with my baking steel for the first time and it came out pretty darn good! ✨🍕🔥

TIL you can get an optically-transparent “filter” (or an *actual* filter!) which clips into your mirrorless camera body and effectively acts to protect the sensor from dust when changing lenses? That’s pretty neat!

just replaced the very dead clock battery from 1999 in my 🌀Dreamcast with a nice, fresh ML2032 in a socketed holder

feeling pretty happy with the result! ✌🏼💜✨

thinking about jacking in to the matrix to listen to neo’s minidisc collection

you can, of course, fit a CR2032 in here but given it (and many consoles’ clocks) wants to charge the battery that’s not a great idea; the CR formulation is not rechargeable!

friends shouldn’t let friends’ consoles unwittingly attempt to charge a CR2032 💜

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