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@museum_things: Random items in Museums Victoria’s collection

@gui_dreams: Dreaming of the GUIs of the future, by dredging up archived skins and themes from Customize․org

I really ought to get back onto finishing that browser extension to force them to be normal damn links

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it has been 0️⃣ days since I’ve had to force a web page to actually load from the address bar because Turbolinks and its ilk are hot garbage

oh your “cross browser testing” in chrome and edge? that’s nice but I’m out here testing in Netscape Communicator 4.7, Internet Explorer for Mac 4.01 and iCab 2.99

chotto a sec, if you’re Kiryu… then who’s that? 👆🏼

IDK how to tell people they should be paying for the software they value (yes, including “Free Software”) and frankly cautious about both ongoing services offered and software licensed for free

chotto a sec, if you’re Kiryu… then who’s that? 👆🏼

apparently it could be worse; here’s math-pow, a package which exports the exponential function

those of you familiar with the JS standard library may be going “huh, is Math.pow wrong somehow?” and uhhhh here is the code

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you can run “Browser Tests” on the number 4,294,967,295, I guess to make sure it is still 4,294,967,295

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this JavaScript package is *definitely* a goof, right? it’s a single file which defines the number 4,294,967,295, and it has lints and specs and a TODO file

tired of demakes for the NES, wake me up when we get demakes for the 🌀Dreamcast

having seen Steam destroy hours of progress due to faulty save game syncing I’m wondering if anyone’s written in anger a tool that just litters your drive with “previous versions” of save files Steam manages, just in case?

girls only want one thing and it’s ports of Yakuza 3, 4, 5, and 6 for PC and/or Nintendo Switch

scrounging around for any decent software that can burn 🌀Dreamcast images on Mac and then I realise I own the Mac version of Daemon Tools… sincerely hoping this works!

the wave of fear that washes over my body seeing screenshots of circa 2020 google chrome but running on windows 7

loving that I have to make sure I don’t leave any Basecamp tabs open out of hours lest it ignore its own “work can wait” as well as my system’s do not disturb settings and plays some awful audio message in the background which is a thing it supports for some reason

hades mod where hades is jeeps benzos and the house of hades is us-east-1

I can’t believe Kiryu now canonically knows about the existence of both the right trigger and the heat gauge

tried to make a vegetarian remix of my nonna’s meatball recipe with @mistydemeo and @MOOMANiBE tonight! we simmered some in the sauce and tried to fry the rest…they all got a bit messy in the end but they were *absolutely* delicious 😋

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