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sext: i produce my mixtape while you learn music theory and history

Just realised I haven’t actually promoted the album here yet, so I will do so just the once.

It’s called Tell Me I Can Fix This On My Own and was #livecoded in #ixilang. 🌺

#Music #MastoMusic #CreativeToots

“Disable replies” feature

It's like an enforced :dont_at_me:, basically!

"If someone is posting something personal/controversial/etc in order shoutout/vent/etc about without the aim of starting a conversation, it could be useful."

If you're into it and you have a Github account, go add your 👍. If you don't have a Github account, give it a boost. ✨

(This is not one of my feature requests, just one that I liked.)

#mastodon #meta #github

seattle folks: if you see anything recruiting people to meetings for the “full service workers alliance” it’s an astroturf group trying to roll back secure scheduling laws and cut the minimum wage

Internet culture as such a weird combination of "everything is flawlessly recorded forever" and "you just had to be there". Everything is simultaneously permanent and ephemeral. We're drowning in records that have no context, and context that has no records

speedrunsext bot that uses a corpus of speedrun jargon

sext: you tell me about recent optimisations in the route as you practice some new tech for your runs; I happily snooze, head on your lap

Who would win?

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is someone who straightens your toots a mastodontist

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