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experts agree that the average american now inadvertently swallows up to eight gigabytes a year

Got dressed and flopped down on the bed.

This post is evidence that I am procrastinating leaving the house for work.

Where would the internet be today if there was no Leeroy Jenkins?

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Boy scouts, but it teaches programming and hacker ethics

Wikipedia talk discussions are the real entertainment of the site.

won't get near the Northeast for another week. All we can do now is watch from afar as it wreaks destruction along the Eastern seaboard. Inching ever closer, with only our hope that it will go out to sea.

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I love how there was a social critic contemporary to Hegel named Schlegel, which sounds like a name Hegel would make up if he were trying to sneak into a bar that banned him.

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(1950s voice) The world of tomorrow will be wonderfully automated!

2019: Your WiFi toaster was infected with malware and is now a spambot.

America: No where else in the world would people need to be told yearly not to shoot at a .

So happy

College football season has started!

Go Eagles!

People are strange when you're a stranger.

Beyond Meat and other alternative meat products reminded me of Famine from Good Omens.

How all the artificial "foodstuffs" provide no nutritional value but makes people obese.

Its all just processed foods.

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@dredmorbius Soylent Fricken Green (1973) features global warming in its dystopian future, for goodness sakes.

And yet people today still think the issue just popped up out of nowhere in 1993 in the Clinton Administration.

The disease may be psychosomatic

But the side effects from the medication is real

- Pilz-E

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