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@somarasu annual "white people done lost they damn minds" month

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Intel: find bugs and we'll pay you

Researchers: okay


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@staticsafe but in all seriousness, I had this happen also

@staticsafe *in very captain America voice* I understood that reference

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"Elixir version 1.5 or newer. If your distribution only has an old version available, check Elixir's install page or use a tool like asdf."

root@mercy:~# aptitude show elixir
Package: elixir
Version: 1.3.3-2


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take a risk
take a chance
make a change
- kelly clarkson

i need to B R E A K away from COMPTUER

@KitRedgrave thanks!

im waiting for my account to be verified by digitalocean

my card couldnt be read, so i used paypal

probably better they dont have my card info tho

is the 1GB RAM $5 droplet ocean enough for a small instance 🤔

i made a digital ocean account


im not really sure what im trying to do here other than 'make personal pleroma'

MIX_ENV=prod mix ecto.migrate

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