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Honorary Major Tom @thefishcrow@cybre.space


alright me!!! it's time to stop going through this HDD!!!

This crow...is ME!!

H ello! I'm Crow! And I need help paying March's rent!

The help and support I've receieved so far has been appreciated- I'm getting closer to having enough in my account for the first

-buy me a "coffee", or a "lunch", to help me close the gap in my rent- thanks ^_^

Ko-fi : ko-fi.com/A7843BWO

Paypal : thefishcrow@gmail.com

Go-Fundme : gofundme.com/tkcxan-help-me-wi cybre.space/media/FH-e_wUe15BO cybre.space/media/LBfBTBxQMlVm cybre.space/media/izGK4cSPyFoJ

google uspol shit Show more

i found my joshua the unicorn artwork


and uh....

I ALSO found an unfinished comic, and i want to draw this guy againN OH NO