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ok so, THIS wagon is CHOICE

(CW: rp alc)

we are in intense negotiations

ive been posting random screencaps in the dnd discord x'D

[short transcript of part of wagon rp]

im rereadin over this fight scene



arcs of motion

copper petina inspired colors, playing with krita paint brushes

have i shown yall...

the discourse and dankmemes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

*sees my FOSS post get boosted*


Two (2) slots have been taken

There are three (3) slots left for commissions


>furry pop art
>character sheets

More Commissions

>Furry Pop Art

Commissions done recently


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partial list of ICE employees (2/2) Show more

partial list of ICE employees (1/2) Show more

tips would also be wonderful, i apprecaite the boosts. support. outrage. be angry.

ko-fi: ko-fi.com/paranoidpooka

paypal: thefishcrow@gmail.com

cash.me: $thefishcrow


link to support legal funds directly: raicestexas.org/

hey plushes are price cut!!!

I want to donate to RAICES to help with legal funds to fight the caps, as well as have a day pass to attend protests in Downtown PDX