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Folks using FTL to refer to the federated timeline and not faster-than-light travel are fucking me up.

When returns, we will all be taken up to the mothership to ride out to Orions belt, and from there we will walk the spirit path of the Milky Way with the people of the sun.

The return of DJSundog will be a big deal.

I'll hang back until the crowds die down.

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whats up yall

imma do a Not Safe For Art, lewd artwork stream from 6pm to 8pm

i will be accepting drawing requests

also its nice to be told i swear too much

like my shitty centrist uncle to missed the point of my youth trans homelessness post

because i swore too much

its not like attitude silences women

its not like im pissed that whenever im read as a woman this is the responses i get back usually

us pol / nazi mentions / "callout post" / i dont like these kind of posts but im fuckin pissed Show more

whats up, hellbird attitude and syntax is trying to root itself in masto/fedi

this is not hellbird!

dont bring that attitude here!

me: always angry, always screaming

also me: please. please. silence. just for. one. moment. please

me: continues screaming

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