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The change in atmosphere and scent when you step out of the car and into the rest stop

It's midnight

On January 3, 2018, I decided to do a 24-hour project. I ended up making a King in Yellow art quilt. I used leftover materials from a similar costume I made, but the quilt was 100% cut/sewn in a day (bound it later tho). Includes some details which aren’t really visible, like a cravat. #quilt #art #weirdfiction #quilting #sewing

I'm tryina make my own website, but like I don't wanna place that charges me rent.
It's not even real space
And I'n still getting over having to pay to park my car.

Well, according to this construction site, it’s 1-1.5% by weight which will make concrete never achieve full strength, so much more than 2 pounds, but still...

Just sayin’.

@SuzanEraslan A would-be monkeywrencher could buy sugar in huge sacks at Costco. Just sayin.

Fucking done with clones of the bullies who silenced me and beat the shit out of me

Silencing me and other people

Btw the bullies were white cishet men, but they were the nerds so they were the victims!!!!

Not the brown kids or the white girls in class they bullied and silenced!!! They pure previous nerds were the REAL victims!!!


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lol just remembered why I keep stopping running a pleroma

just like Masto

a shitty, pissy, dev base >:(

so like if I think of any facet of human history including my own timeline

literally human culture and society can be summed up as gaslighting, guilt tripping, and some sick cult that you’re physically forced into (see also: spanking, and other forms of control towards children)

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Culture and society is just large scale gaslighting and guilt tripping

Hey folks I also understand you think you’re all cute and funny changing your avatars to Eugen’s but I’m literally just muting and blocking you all

I’ve been on Masto for too long and fucking hate his guts


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like im sure matrix is way simpler than im actually making it out to be but the way its all explained and talked about on its website makes it the most confusing bullshit ive ever seen in my life

and oh what a surprise matrix is a foss app meaning it has to be the most arcane thing possible to people who arent hyper computer nerds with gigantic constantly pulsating brains.

welcome to the "chat app big mood club" where we are all stuck in this hellish stalemate land of "we really dont like discord but everyone is on it at this point so its not like i can just move to other apps"

heres my fuckin hot take: if matrix wanted to get any foothold it shouldnt be as overly complicated and full of technical fluff as it is. it needs to be way more straightforward for people who arent knowledgable computer users

sure theres riot but thats not really like. much of an improvement?

mattermost sure except not because thats selfhosted so its no good is it now

I can't remember which but once a website asked for a birthday and if I entered "1/1/whatever year I entered" it would say "please enter your real birthday" as if someone can't be born on the first of january

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