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Y’all: Odo is a glorified mall cop

Me: Odo is Space Dupin

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“Cardassian Ministry for the Refuting of Bajoran Fairy Tales”


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i went outside to get the mail and luna is extremely bothered by this

because SHE wanted to go outside
why wont i open the catio for her???? why??? she just wants to go outside. thats all. its so simple. why. why will i not listen. she asks so nice, so many times. see how well trained she is, putting her paws on the door to ask???? she is dying

Here's the stuff I'm working on finishing today, as a #wip.

Tired: thoughts and prayers
Wired: a hardwired telepathic connection to the galactic overmind

dealing with your werewolf boyfriend part 1: giving commands

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Godbrand is if a member of Dethklok turned into a vampire

Send toot!

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