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New /#introductions post, why the heck not!

I'm thebeeks!
-very and owner of a . My sona is Len, the spotted hyena! He's right up there in my icon.

I'm into:

and books


ich versuche zu lernen (but I'm having a hard time with the cases 😅)

There was an old Sims website for Sims 1, I think it was called the Skindex? Anyway, people had made Sims skins for every possible character in the X-men universe and I got them all and made weird X-men households. Like, three different iterations of Scott Summers, Gateway, and Wolfsbane.

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The way I play all Sims games:

1. Go online and download a million different user created clothes, wallpaper, etc.
2. Play like 30 minutes of the game.
3. Go check out more mods.
4. Repeat forever.

Okay well I didn't watch the Sonic movie but I did watch Phantom of the Opera (2004) yesterday, pretty much the same thing honestly.

Ever so slowly knitting my very first ever sock! Well, okay, right now it's less 'sock' and more 'small yarn tube'.

Broke: Getting a CRT for high refresh rates and color accuracy

Woke: Getting a CRT for watching old anime

you can read the dwarf fortress changelog and it's just full of mastodon award winning shitposts

there's a patch note like this:

Mulling over long-term memories can lead to shifts in intellectual values and personality changes

and then the very next thing on the list is something like:

Stopped dogs from being sad because they can't have a religion

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If you just heard a faint "you're not *really* playing the gaaaame..." wail, know somewhere some gamer is upset I used the rewind feature to cheat at the money-making game in Zelda.

Give me a white noise machine with the walk sound ET makes in the Atari 2600 game.
Tikka-tuk, tikka-tuk, tikka-tuk, tikka-tuk...

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