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New /#introductions post, why the heck not!

I'm thebeeks!
-very and owner of a . My sona is Len, the spotted hyena! He's right up there in my icon.

I'm into:

and books


ich versuche zu lernen (but I'm having a hard time with the cases 😅)

Just been poking around with another #GoodreadsAlternative, called Zeneca.

They've done something a bit different! I love their Timeline, where you can add Quotes or Posts and link them to books on your shelves.

Oops, guess I'm gonna get really into Gaslands now.

Playing Valheim and listening to Heilung because I'm basic.

Hello Fediverse! I'm planning to start a (probably) weekly event for my partner (and anyone who wants to join in) to help break up the monotony that I'm calling where I'll specify a song, album, or artist that you should use as a reference to recommend similar songs, albums, or artists that might be less known (plus where/how to listen to them)!

I'll be using the hashtag on posts where I request of a certain type, and if you reply to that thread, I'll compile a new post with the hashtag a day or so later that has some of the recommendations along with a link to the original thread in case I missed any!

Follow the and hashtags if you listen to a lot of music, want to get music recommendations, or even (and especially) if you make your own music!

Please this as many people can participate as possible, and let's have some fun listening to new music! 😄

Oh, it's gonna be one of those 'listen to Nonagon Infinity all day' days.

Great news, gamers! I got hired to design arcade cabinets for Hell.

imagine if the focus of treating mental illness was "how can we make you livable with yourself" rather than "how can you return to being a productive worker"

Stepped outside for just a minute and saw a shooting star and the whole moment felt perfect to the point of being fake.
Like, I had been outside for maybe 20 seconds, and it appeared and disappeared exactly where I was looking, and it was bright and perfectly sized and yellow and nice and it's weirding me out that something can be so nice that my mind immediately goes "naaaaaaah".

video games, bundle, 

hey didja know there's a bundle that benefits The Okra Project right now *featuring* VISUAL NOVELS


i'm playing Heaven Will Be Mine and it's lesbians in mechas and it rules

Sure you have Children of Dune but have you considered the second or third cousins of Dune.

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