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arch linux AUR rant 

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arch linux AUR rant 

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arch linux AUR rant 

A good thought experiment: is it actually harder to teach someone to use Ubuntu 20.04 than Windows 10 for general computing tasks like web browsing, email, word processing, and light photo editing?

If so - why?

recently decided to set up a miniflux2 server to keep up with RSS feeds. really loving it so far :cybredragon:

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As I continue the long, slow slog, of clearing out ephemera from my flickr account, please allow me to share with you the most terrifying product mascot in the entire history of the world:

anyone here has any experience with the pine64 singleboard computers? how do they compare to the RPis?

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Dear #privacy advocates around the world, please oppose the #india pushing a surveillance app 👎 Aarogya Sethu using the pandemic as an excuse. The worst thing is that they are making it compulsory if you want to move out or start working!

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lol i haven't been on the website up until now (just been using Tusky). I really love the theme


the wildest shit is when someone tells a white, monolingual English speaker their name, using only sounds present in the English language and structured into syllables in ways the English language permits, and yet because the name 'sounds foreign' the white person will fuck it up over and over, even when the name is repeated, and eventually settle on an incorrect 'approximation' of something they have no linguistic reason to be unable to say correctly

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