hellooo fedi!

i'm mohamad, the admin of this new instance! u might know me as @thearabcynic. I'm here to meet new people while exploring decentralized tech.

things I'm into: ethical tech, floss, user privacy, systems & web dev

things I'm NOT into: any sort of bigotry. you (and possibly your instance) will get blocked.

I tweet about tech, uspol & lebpol. I tend use CWs frequently and generously.

also I'm new to running a Pleroma instance: if something looks wrong pls lmk!!

honestly if you're a liberal by any possible definition of the word pls just block me

indie games made by straight people: "A desolate interactive dream about a man searching a mysterious island for the girl he once loved... or did he? I poured six months of my heart and soul into this. Please enjoy."

indie games made by queer people: "heres a game i made about a poly triad of neon trash skeletons who like to spray acid piss on fascists. made it in five minutes for ludum judum jammy jam 891. fuck off terfs"

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look, im not saying that linus torvalds should have programmed the linux kernel in java. that would be ludicrous. im simply saying that if java had existed at the time,

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Really says something about the predominant culture on Mastodon that I'm seeing people CW posts literally with "BLM" and "Police abolition" as though it is lewd or commonly triggering to acknowledge that black lives matter.

And not CWing posts about living safe and happy in the burbs spending all day playing video games not even having to think about police abolition as though that's not deeply discordant and upsetting to people w national guard on their block

‪Programmers act like they are geniuses using AI to solve the worlds problems when 99% of them are over engineering a webpage that acts as a UI for editing a database entry.‬

also for the record people talk about brave browser like it's some kind of last word of privacy

1. it's a chromium fork
2. brendan eich is a homophobe
3. the fact that it uses cryptocurrency/blockchain trash and also hammers it in your face that it's "privacy-focused" is SUCH a spook

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just a heads up, while this is not an ideal solution for everything, but IFTTT provides support for webhooks which is nice cause then you can leverage the shit ton of APIs that it supports

morning fedi. last meal was ~13h ago let's GO EAT


popular dev website, uspol 

tankies, subtoot 

western left, world pol 

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western left, world pol 

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western left, world pol 

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