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This being a semi-personal acct I won't accept some follow requests -- feel free to follow my other account @the_all though!

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a very nice kohlrabi sent me this on the bird site when confronted with the pentagram summoning meme and holy shit i love it

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. not quite
it's the feeling of
a big tree falling down
and finding it the next morning
and seeing the broken branches
and a nest
and knowing
that the bird
isn't coming
back and
you just have to keep walking

You remember that 200-word RPG I wrote for a competition last month, 'These are animals', about being a kid taken away from their mother by officialdom?

Hundreds of shares on social media.

No comments from the judges.

Didn't make the final 50.

project idea: romhacks that replace all instances of Apollo Justice in the ace attorney games with Missile the Pomeranian from ghost trick

@Trashbang 150. The world is barren.
170. No more clouds or stars.
190. No more night.
199. No more day.
It's gone.
It's over.
The last thing you believed in was yourself, and your confidence has finally waned.

Fantasy RPG where you can level up your Scepticism in order to disbelieve monsters out of existence. More outlandish creatures are easier to banish, but it has virtually zero effect on human foes.

This being a semi-personal acct I won't accept some follow requests -- feel free to follow my other account @the_all though!

Main mode of being: idling

Main mode of thought: aporia.

still haven't figured out how putting thoughts out on the internet works

i want to call a raccoon "crimes cat" but that wrongly implies regular cats are not involved in crimes


:hacker_l: et's
:hacker_g: et down to
:hacker_b: usiness
:hacker_t: o defeat the huns

finally found a firefox extension for managing tabs in a non-terrible way \o/ simple tab groups is all i want and need

โš ๏ธATTENTIONโš ๏ธ


It's time for #commissions!

Only 3 slots open this time, since the last 5 did not fill so get 'em while they're hot.
I work best with gloomy atmospheric stuff but I'm always open for adventures. Please consult the images below for prices + examples

(Got an idea but unsure on how to write that first email? Just fill out this form: )

โ™ฆ Open until all slots are taken.

Info also on website:

#mastoart #art #creativetoots #CommissionMe

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