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This being a semi-personal acct I won't accept some follow requests -- feel free to follow my other account @the_all though!

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a very nice kohlrabi sent me this on the bird site when confronted with the pentagram summoning meme and holy shit i love it

Absolutely loving the calls for violence but consider reaching out to your friends and reducing harm if you are not a violence kind of person. Take care of someone you know will be affected by this.

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i do however show up in the local timeline?? what is happening

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listening to austin walkers season 6 playlist and it's damn nice

i don't know french and this is basically just alluding to a german in-joke / stiker motive with faces of lenin, stalin and mao that says "no, no, this is not communism" ("Nein, nein, das ist nicht der Kommunismus")

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