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a very nice kohlrabi sent me this on the bird site when confronted with the pentagram summoning meme and holy shit i love it

.. ๏ผlใ€
๏ผˆ๏พŸ๏ฝค ๏ฝก๏ผ—
ใ€€lใ€ ~ใƒฝ


Les grad einen Text von 1987 in dem die damalige Situation schon als "late capitalism" bezeichnet wurde...

Start your day right by going back to sleep

The definitive explainer on Molly Crabapple, her โ€œride or die loveโ€ of a Nazi hacker, and her efforts to cover it all up

pictures of animals with their mouth open that are just captioned "a"

boost if you agree send toot

Hey @chr, is it possile to have a keyboard shortcut for expanding cws? that would be great. also it would be good to differ between switch to column and go to column topโ€ฆ :thaenkin:

hey so i don't like promoing a lot over here but

GENDERWRECKED is half off for valentine's week

two days left to get it at the frankly ridic price of three dollars

it's real good trust me on this

hey gamers,

GENDERWRECKED is 50% off this valentines gay!!! from now until saturday you can get the game VentureBeat describes as "born straight out of the mesmerizing garbage fire of social media sites like Twitter" for only $3.33! what a steal, folks

powerful computers can produce large amounts of erroneous data or information in a short time

@posit what are possums? we just don't know

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Getting up so late (today: after 5pm) feels really weird. Can't find much motivation to spend my day tbh

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i got 69 points in the linear algebra exam :blobowo: