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This being a semi-personal acct I won't accept some follow requests -- feel free to follow my other account @the_all though!

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a very nice kohlrabi sent me this on the bird site when confronted with the pentagram summoning meme and holy shit i love it

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i guess i'm repeating myself but fuck,,, black dresses are so good

i tidied up my other desk so i can actually like sit there to read books and be productive there
but the chair in front of it is full with clothes for which i don't have a convenient place to store

weather these days been nice here. not as hot but still warm, and there's the occasional rain. sometimes just a drizzle, sometimes a downpour.

unhappy about technology, LaTeX - explaining the problem Show more

unhappy about technology, LaTeX - explaining the problem Show more

unhappy about technology, LaTeX Show more

sometimes it's rly hard to decide how to dress with regards to gender performance and stuff

you know what's fucked up?? the 2020s start in less than 5 months...

can i have a time machine to force all these old marxists to use line breaks. please.

listening to noise and reading philosophy to lull myself into sleep lol

In the push to support trans kids (something that’s always needed, btw), there is often an overflowing amount of narratives of trans adults testifying that “they always knew.”

I just want to remind all the people questioning their gender that some people always knew, but some of us didn’t. *I* didn’t. And it’s ok to be only figuring it out when you are older.

I was 35 years and 221 days old when I finally figured it out. Others have been older.

It’s never too late to make the connection.

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