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This being a semi-personal acct I won't accept some follow requests -- feel free to follow my other account @the_all though!

Today’s card is the Chariot, wishing you energy and confidence to get your shit together and get things done.

Today’s card is the Six of Cups - a day to think about the past, and perhaps to offer comfort to your child self

Da es das letzte mal so gut ankam, hier ein weiterer Hinweis für kostenfreien Kulturgenuss:

Mittwoch, 12.05., 19 Uhr:
Kostenfreier Premieren-Stream vom Staatstheater Karlsuhe der #Puccini-#Oper "Gianni Schicci"
Dauer ca. 1h


#Livestream #GianniSchicci #Premiere #Kultur #Kulturgenuss

Link zum Stream:

Link zu den Informationen des Staatstheaters:


i shouldve scratched my itching armpit before spraying hormones there

monster hunter rise 

seeing there's a net-shirt armor (nargacuga) and a cat-ear helmet (almudron) i think i gotta go fashion simulator with that game

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