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This being a semi-personal acct I won't accept some follow requests -- feel free to follow my other account @the_all though!

i wanna read the Beam Saber rulebook now that it's arrived at 1.0

i really don't know how to be productive

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Gerne Boost.

Meine Kater verstehen sich nicht mehr und der eine leidet unter den anderen Massivst.

Daher - habe ich einen kastrierten Kartäuser Mischling abzugeben. 2012 geboren, Wohnungskatze, am besten in Einzelhaltung. Weitere Infos gern per Dm. Er müsste abgeholt werden, da ich weder Auto noch Führerschein besitze😅
Im Landkreis Diepholz. Für weitere Infos bitte ich euch mir eine Dm zu schicken. Ich antworte immer schnellstmöglich.


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Gibt es eigentlich bei uns Schulen, die mit Hilfe selbst gebauter Corsi-Rosenthal Boxen, also DIY-Luftfilter, ihre Klassenräume sicherer halten? Wenn nein: warum zum Geier nicht? Die Anleitung ist seit den Anfangstagen der Pandemie frei verfügbar und wissenschaftlich geprüft.

Das Ding ist um ein Vielfaches billiger und sogar leiser als viele fertige Luftfilter. Zudem stellt seine Leistung sogar manche herkömmlich erhältliche in den Schatten.

Wer mehr zum DIY-Luftfilter bzw besser zur Corsi-Rosenthal Box wissen möchte, hier entlang:

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Today’s card is The Fool, wishing you a hopeful beginning today. There may be difficulties and dangers ahead but for now, pure innocent joy and optimism will carry the day. Trust your instincts and say goodby to normalcy and routine

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Today’s card is the Nine of Wands - time to stand your ground and fight. It’s going to be tough but if you can last it out you’ll have achieved your goal


🎵 i don't wanna know i'm not capable, i'm capable~

i feel like the whole adhd meds helping with emotional regulation thing does NOT apply to me 🫠

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tl;dr: if your meds are helping then keep taking them, if they don’t then ask about safe ways switch or stop, and do get help if you’re suffering from depression

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okay i took my meds and am focused™ but also already feeling overwhelmed

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Today’s card is the Three of Pentacles, bringing teamwork and creativity. When we help and support each other we can achieve greater things than we could on our own, even in the aggregate

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I have a website now! :blobaww: or

After procrastinating this FOREVER, I finally got this done to a point where I can say "Ugh, whatever, ship it..." and so I did.

plus it's already getting a bit late for meds >.>

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needing to overcome executive dysfunction to get up and take adhd meds vs. needing adhd meds to overcome executive dysfunction

got my hands on the MSG: Witch from Mercury Prologue!! i don't find the plot hook that convincing… but Wow, cool robot!

First Kill was bad. still had fun with it though, but the critique by verilybitchie very much holds true

finally, another queer mecha VN (the other one i played being Heaven Will Be Mine)

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found it back when it was still more like a webcomic thing and enjoyed that, but it works rly well as a VN thing too

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