@cadence no problem!
its a cool project! glad to be of help! :3


my main is at compufox@computerfox.xyz

the actual fedi webserver is social.computerfox.xyz

as far as i remember the mastodon docs walk you through setting it up like that (not on a subdomain, but on the main domain)

when i tred putting that into frames it gave this error:

@cadence came across a bug: if your fedi handle is different than the domain its running on (say fedi.example.org is the actual server but example.org is the handle) then it errors out.

a webfinger request should fix that

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@impiaaa@dev.glitch.social @dean LOL


I thought I implemented a check to *not* do this, but I guess not hahaha

@botwiki just did!

I put my other account as the author, because I'm mainly over there anymore, just so you know!

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*polite cough*

sorry for the downtime, but I'm back with a new database backend and on new servers!

@kropot it should be up now!

sorry for the wait, I was putting off adding support for a new db backend and moving it to my own servers, but it's done!

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ctrl "only logs in to complain about game engines" z

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I was able to get a simple remote camera system set up fairly quickly in Unity, but because of the way Godot renders stuff, it's *much* more work to add a system like this into Godot (especially if your project wasn't set up properly 😣 )

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found one thing that I really dislike about godot: the way viewports work

had an idea last night as i was drifting off to sleep for a better way to implement a vision-based alarm system in godot

sometimes sleepy brain is good :thinknyan:

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one time i told my dad that "squirrel" rhymes with "girl" and he got really mad

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Made a bookmarklet to toot your current page with title, url, and (if it exists) selected text:



// @Gargron

@landwolf whoa you watch that language! folks dont take kindly to that talk round these here parts

*doing gamedev stuff*

oh i should use a linked list for this!

*few minutes later*

ugh, why did i do that? this is never going to work. ive made a bad mistake

*few more minutes later*

im a genius never doubted myself im so gud at progrmin

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:ballot_box_with_check: likes are now florps
:ballot_box_with_check: timeline goes sideways

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