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i am hypervigilant about neo nazi shit so i will block any and all domains hosted thru pleiorama or whatever its garbage white nationalist name is regardless of how leftist the profile may come across

christ where do i even start with this “we gave indigenous people a planet cause we colonized their entire fuckin lives but now we are giving it back to the cardassians now” episode

hashtag cut all of wil wheaton’s parasitic ass’ screen time

@dexiheart warning/psa: if you decide to watch season 2 of "picard", you'll absolutely *hate* the last episode.

(maybe you'll enjoy how *easy* it is to hate, idk 🤷‍♀️)

@tethre honestly i had a hard time with picard episode one subjectively—purely because of my childhood love of picard who was basically my second father and the entire first episode is people shit talking how much they hate picard lol 😭😭

@dexiheart the whole series is not a good look for jean-luc if you ask me, so, yeah, i think it's a good idea to skip that one entirely!


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