I say this as a design dude that became a developer because I got tired of developer's telling me what could and couldn't be done.

In my career, I can honestly say 90% of devs make shit overly complicated so they can impress other devs.

It's the 21st century, homie. Things should be getting _easier_ to use, not harder.

True there is something to be said about learning about programming to help bridge that gap, but as devs, we gotta meet them more than halfway.

Because we know how.

@Are0h i feel a lot of feelings about this. and more that this way of thing is very male centric. it’s not just programming where people (mostly men) overcomplicate as a badge of honor and belittle those that aren’t on the same page. idk. just a feeling.

@sourcookie @Are0h I've seen the same thing in science. People will use obnoxiously arcane language in their papers. "Novel" instead of "new." "Methodological technique" instead of "method." "Afferent" instead of "incoming."

@activationfxn @sourcookie Yeah. That annoys the shit out of me. It's like people have to show how smart they are by using vocabulary rather than making complex ideas consumable without excess effort.

@Are0h @sourcookie Sometimes I worry that people use unnecessary complexity in coding/communication to hide the fear that their ideas aren't actually that complex, useful, or interesting...

@activationfxn @sourcookie This happens all the time. And when you challenge it, people get very defensive.

Ha, there are a couple of agencies in NYC that will not hire me again for this reason.

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