on our way from Free The Nipple to Trans Pride, one person's bike-tire burst, and they rode the last half kilometre on the rim — which got worse and worse. it was the perfect reenactment of that movie with nicolas cage, but 1000 times better 😄😄😄

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Finally – FNTI*#CryptoParty!

This Saturday, June 12th 2021, 4 pm CEST

online via BigBlueBotton


Our #privacy is such a beauty, let's come together and learn how to protect it.

For women, enbies, trans* and inter* people only.


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The New Yorker is moving towards a strike and the union is asking for the readers to do this when the strike is called

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Oh you're a data scientist ? Name all the data then.

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"Extra Bold - A feminist inclusive anti racist non binary field guide for graphic designers" arrived. It's beautiful ♥️
I usually don't get paper books because they take space but this one is 100% worth it.

what is up with the musky smell of macbooks?

every macbook i opened up so far smelled like ox.

do they put pheromones in their pcbs?

does anyone here know what the instrument / soundeffect at the very beginning of youtube.com/watch?v=m6VchwIR3n is?

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mag hier jemand ein busprojekt haben oder kennt jemanden? vw lt28 bj 82, kastenwagen kurz und niedrig, 6zyl saugdiesel, 3 sitze. technik ist gemacht, viel überholt und neu. sind zigtausende kilometer quer durch europa pannenfrei damit gefahren. karosserie ist größtenteils geschweißt, schiebetür und ein paar kleine stellen müssten noch gemacht werden, und dann muss die kiste lackiert und wieder zusammengebaut werden. werkstatt mit ausstattung vorhanden und kann genutzt werden. >>

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@moiety my mum used to explain this as our house spirits taking things and giving them back when they feel like it

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2421. Tower of Babel 

title text: Soon, linguists will be wandering around everywhere, saying things like "colorless green ideas sleep furiously" and "more people have been to Russia than I have," and speech will become unintelligible.


i love to drink half and half,
half chocolate soy milk, and half cow's milk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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"receipts" meta 

Hey how's this for a hot take: You are not entitled to gawk at "evidence" of other people's trauma fuck off

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RT @PghAutonomy@twitter.com

[submission received on 01.22.21]

‘Youth Liberation Now’ is the first issue of a new zine from a local “anarchist, anti-fascist, and 16 year old girl” that covers “everything that relates to youth, education, and youth liberation.”


🐦🔗: twitter.com/PghAutonomy/status

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Polen / Schwangerschaftsabbruch Verbot / Support Kollektiv Berlin 

#Support Ciocia Basia
Das Kollektiv unterstützt dabei in Deutschland sichere Schwangerschaftsabbrüche zu organisieren.

>Ciocia Basia (Tante Barbara) ist ein informelles, ehrenamtliches, in #Berlin ansässiges Kollektiv, das ungewollt Schwangeren aus Polen hilft, eine sichere & legale Abtreibung in Deutschland durchzuführen. Jeden Tag antworten wir auf E-Mails, Facebook Anfragen [...]<
#Polen #StrajkKobiet


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