Calming myself down from a rough day by scrolling my timeline. You're all such wonderful human beings ❣️


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if you want to create a better internet culture, you gotta start doing things more kindly

captioning images is kind for those who use screen readers

sourcing images is kind for creators

asking to repost is kind to creators

be kind to others.

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A game of Monopoly where, when you want to purchase a property from another player, you can instead choose to play a game of risk for it.

Inside of the risk game, each conflict is resolved with a game of Stratego...

... Each play of which is then resolved by a game of chess.

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The creator of @pixelfed is looking for a sustainable way to fund his full time work on that project, you can help by donating on Liberapay:

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Apparently a lot of people haven't heard of herd immunity so here it is:

If you have a group of 10 people, and 1 of them has a compromised immune system (i.e. an autoimmune disorder, or a child), if the 9 people in the group get a vaccine, they protect that 1 person who is in greater danger. That 1 vulnerable person gets immunity by proximity.

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I found a guy on tumblr who exclusively draws art of marx and engles as anime boyfriends

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A Django App for gathering written and spoken corpora for indigenous languages.

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I'm glad Doctor Who regenerated so beautifully.

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I'm looking for autobiographical accounts of women working within the Manhattan Project. Would anyone of you have recommendations?

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