Pozilei, Nazis, Hitler 

Honk the Gibson^^

Internet find, no idea who made it (but thank you!!)

Call for Contributions:

I ain’t from here, but I’m still queer #1
This is a call for contributions for a collaborative zine on being queer/kuir/quare/kweer and being a migrant: embodying Otherness, navigating different spaces and different cultures, living at many intersections, and living through different centres and margins.

(more text in next post)

Gonna have to have another "the talk" with - this one about not eating my feminist theory books (or any books for that matter). After already eating my vibrator, I feel like she might be sending a message here... and I'm worried my dog might silently be judging my life choices?

to calm your mind before you go to sleep, lose yourself in the pattern of this aloe. think about how amazing nature is to create something so beautiful. follow the lines of each leaf, and the leaves forming lines and spirals, marvel at the symmetry... and have a good night.

depiction of kissing 

Quotes to live by, 2019 resolutions edition pt 2 


Here's wishing you all a wonderful end of year from me and the puppers <3 <3 <3

(but not this particular one) ;)

We had a storm this morning, and the most beautiful clouds this afternoon :blobhearteyes:

There is clearly one dog who loves the wood stove the most! Iiiiiiiiiiit's Kiki!
(BTW, she is ca 8-10months old, 5kg of puppy love, and looking for a forever home^^)

- foster place needed for Missy (23kg, 3y, fixed, rescue) TODAY Oct 6, good w dogs but not cats, good w people, not used to city life yet, in/around Berlin, sb with some experience.
Details via PM, THANKS!


- HEUTE Pflegeplatz gesucht für Missy (24kg, 3J., kastriert, Rettungshund), in/um Berlin, sie is ok mit Hunden aber nicht Katzen, Stadtleben kennt sie noch nicht. Ideal wäre jd mit Erfahrung.
Details per DM, DANKE!



Oct 1st is , so today think about all those black puppers who don't get adopted and !

All my black cuties say hi!

(As always, if you'd like to support strays in Greece, get in touch - I run facebook.com/glorybeasts and do my best to help where I can!)

This dog literally cant sit still. I gave her a pill to kill the parasites, and now she's been going insane fromnthe itching, as the mites under her skin (ie mange) are fighting death.
It'll be over soon, but she woke me up every 15mins tonight bc she scratched so hard she cried... I forget that some dogs are just super vocal, and this one seemsnto have learned that loud whining does the trick. Let the re-training begin *sigh

Dog update: we went and took a super pregnant pup to the vet - seems she is in really bad shape: low hematocrit, full of parasites, mange, malnourished, and if she had given birth she probably would have died. Thankfully she doesnt have leishmaniosis on top of that, we tested bc she was so weak...

I'm fostering her for a week, and if she stays as sweet as now I might just fall hopelessly in love.

Cute babe Birbillo (I didnt name her) is sleeping now...

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