why oh why is it so damn hard to format a USB drive on xubuntu. Like.. this should be simple, and theoretically is, but there is always *something*.

le sigh.

(no need for advice, I just needed to vent before diving back into curing teh little USB baby of what ails it.)

I am livepinging this now.

So, managed to format, but then couldn't write to USB. Reformatted, changed write permissions, can write to USB.

But now my car's radio gives me a USB error - doesn't like the format.

So reformatting now and send good thoughts that I figure this out somehow before I have to leave for a longish drive WITHOUT MUSIC. (aaaaahhh!)


OK, have to go and will play music from my phone. I have been temporarily defeated by drive formats and permission systems and the fact I'm using xubuntu.

To be continued...

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