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tether @tether

In case you were wondering...^^

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@tether Maybe I should change my profile description to "hard-boiled hacker with anarchist inclinations"

@tether cyberpunks wear a pager on their boot
a pager on their boot
a pager on their boot

(all together now)

Been a while since I've seen that. Pretty sure the last time was in the '90s, possibly in Mondo 2000 itself. Sure brings back memories.

TIL Mondo 2000 relaunched as an online publication last year. mondo2000.com/

@pagrus i think i'm on the wrong continent for that... but i'm properly saturated with club mate^^

@tether I'm just a little sad that Jolt didn't get a callout on your hacker portrait

@tether I love how pretty much all of these gadgets can be replaced by a modern smartphone :D

@fuchsi so sad, i wish i had a pager.

/me is fan of single-use devices